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Airline ticket of apprehension much electron encounters a sale " black hole "
Begin from October 16, international boat assist stop to extend to airline ticket agent airline ticket of BSP home paper quality (procuratorial neuter airline ticket) , accelerate in paper airline ticket when retreating city, many passengers and agent have misgive and anxious. Come from the information of market of Shanghai civil aviaton, sale of electronic airline ticket occurs really " black hole " , eliminate the trouble back at home of buyers and sellers, want to call sincere letter, also want to perfect regulations.
Cheat hair of odd frequency of journey of ticket, affusion
16 days morning 11 when, the place of representative of an airline ticket that one passenger finds Shanghai is booked that day afternoon 16 when the total value airline ticket that 45 minutes of Shanghai reachs Guangzhou. Because was that day ticket, the passenger urges ceaselessly again, this representative dot is in did not affirm bill section whether below paid-up circumstance, the Id that presses him ordered a ticket, but when the stroke that sends an electron airline ticket subsequently is single, also cannot find this one fare again however, when examining airline ticket information, discover this fare had changed autograph airline ticket to go. It is reported, 16 already have dot of representative of many 10 airline ticket to be cheated since day. Guild already also received person of sale agent of Shanghai airline ticket many representative nods complain.
Besides " the incident that cheat a ticket " , discount airline ticket hits the phenomenon of sheet of total value journey to already also appeared. Electronic airline ticket rolls out 6 years to come, all the time because " invisible, feel do not wear " bad to submit an expense account and the self-identity that gets customer hard. Total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton already released information in April this year, when requirement airline and ticket Wu company are selling electronic airline ticket to the passenger, offer to the passenger " stroke of passenger ticket of aviation carriage electron is single " , the stroke is single person one ticket, by supervise the manufacture of of total bureau of national tax Wu, regard the payment of passenger ticket of passenger use electron as the proof, have the effect of clew passenger journey at the same time. Sheet of this kind of journey removed try out on June 1 from this year, try out period is two years, solved basically " it is difficult to submit an expense account " problem. These affusion strokes are single, let a few passengers get chance however, buy a ticket with discount price, submit an expense account with total value bank note however. And the false stroke that acting dot prints is single, it is on one hand escape taxation, obtain interest, also be at the same time it is good to cast place of a few passengers, with hook in passenger. Market control of Hua Dong management board is in civil aviaton to express about the personage, because flow of civil aviaton guest is large, although only fraction passenger is operated so, also can form submit an expense account tremendously black hole.
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