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C2C of transition of agent of airline ticket of press hard on of electronic pass
Overhead profit swims business travel net (next weighing " overhead profit swims " ) general manager Tan Zhiguo has two things to want to do at present: The first, oneself the traditional business that order a ticket and hotel, special is received send a service conformity; Another perfects the mode of C2C electron business affairs that achieves newly namely. Transition is the problem that Tan Zhiguo must ponder over, he wants to swim overhead profit operation becomes company of an electron business affairs, will draw the eye of investor.

Overhead profit swims urgent desire oneself " sell " setting is, of the promotion as electronic passenger ticket, industry open gradually, agent is experiencing unprecedented challenge.

Mode of C2C of fight in some places one by one

1995, tan Jianguo of its father's younger brother founds in Guangzhou Tian Yihang serves a company for nothing, do sth for sb order airline ticket business, this also is the first batch of agent of domestic. As the rapid development of market of passenger transport of domestic civil aviaton, this company at once stands firm in Guangzhou, begin dilate of northerly Beijing and other places, become the airline ticket agent with Beijing the largest area for a time. Ever since, be begun the latercomers surpass the formers carrying Cheng of the online business that order a ticket, tan Jianguo is touched, swim at overhead profit holding water in Beijing 2004, let Tan Zhiguo hold the position of general manager one duty.

With father generation people day is compared into the times photograph that fights gold, the procuratorial trade that Tan Zhiguo pursues already entered small profit period. "Fuel surtax and airport construction expend airline is not expended to the representative, the commission of average 3%~5% actually not much, if press average 800 yuan price calculates every pieces of airline ticket, acting cost is not worth 50 yuan. Acting cost is not worth 50 yuan..

The amount of agent of countrywide airline ticket may have hundreds of only 1995, say less to also have 10 thousand at present. Tan Zhiguo realizes, want to hold certain gain in intense competition, must the value catenary of outspread service.

After binding hotel business with the business that order a ticket, overhead profit swam to purchased a batch of cars last year again, offer to member client receive freely send a service. "Receive although be free,send, but after the client orders a ticket must the hotel that we appoint occupy, that is to say, order a ticket, receive send, hotel in these a few link, certain link is OK small profit perhaps does not make money, but whole value catenary must make money. " look in Tan Zhiguo, this also is the one part content that has needing brigade management to the client.

Occupy Tan Zhiguo to divulge, at present overhead profit You Zheng and should contact when the net, preparation sells afore-mentioned business latter. Meanwhile, another the name is " the net that tax a bank note " mode of C2C electron business affairs rises to surface.
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