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The remotest corners of the earth and south the traffic of hill

  The remotest corners of the earthBe located in 3 inferior 27 kilometers are in downtown. Water blue sky greens jade here, sea nature is uniform, strange stone forest stands, too many beautiful things. Hill is located in south 3 inferior city is in with 40 kilometers are being made an appointment with on the west, it is buddhism of a collect the travel that amorous feelings of culture, folk-custom, intertropical marine scene and historical historic site are an organic whole is recreational go vacationing area. Not strange tourist is contended for go sightseeing to travel of place of this 2 place. We are here provide guide of a traffic from tourist.

   Come from the remotest corners of the earth south hill temple

Can wait for Hou Kai to go to from place of doorway of the remotest corners of the earthSouth the bus of hillOr the car that leaves for next face city counties, fare 3 yuan / person; If feel to think those who play amorous feelings, can take a doorway to be in " elegant demeanour car " , about travel 25 minutes, can arrive south hill highway crossing. Bargain hind can take 20 yuan (the number offers reference only) , this kind of feeling also pretty is good, can go to before fine fine appreciation south the rurality on hill road, skyline town still is passed in road. Arrived south the entrance door that area of hill gate scene still has a paragraph of about 1000 meters cement highway to just reach Nashan beauty spot truly, in multiplying cling to of the car can turn here by " rub " , one can sit 2 people, 5 yuan or so.

Come from the urban district the remotest corners of the earth

ByPeaceful and busThe bus of municipal Party committee that reachs the urban district stands get off, turn to sit to the first market by 2 buses inside city again, can see in the first market a lot of in cling to Che Bo is here, look to get off the station shop sign in front, go the car of the remotest corners of the earth can be written have " the remotest corners of the earth " model of written characters. About travel can reach area of scene of gate of the remotest corners of the earth half hours. Fare: 3 yuan / person.

Clew: Take this kind of car to want to have patience, because of the guest malcontent car does not leave, the meeting on time is so wasteful a lot of.

Cong Yalong bay reachs the urban district

Inferior Long Wan comes there is special railway line inside the urban districtTravel bus(peaceful and bus) , can be in inferior dragon bay highway takes a car (inferior Long Wan terminus is before holiday hotel) , fare: 5 yuan / person, about 20 minutes, the latest at 7 o'clock Cong Yalong bay only then hair.

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