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Leave the country travel is common problem
1. Attend leave the country travel, how many days should shift to an earlier date to sign up?
Answer: In principle should sign up as early as possible in order to ensure seat number. If do not have a passport to should shift to an earlier date 15 days at least,above signs up, specific can seek advice from travel agent.

2. How much day, need does conduction passport need what to data prepare? Is the program of conduction passport what kind of?
Answer: Specific can consult " deal with 5 years period because of illicit passport notice " .
Conduction program is as follows roughly:
1) has carried this person Id and registered permanent residence to reach norms photograph originally 2 pieces reach each city window of condition of discrepancy of prefectural public security bureau is dealt with explain receive procedures.
2) can be gotten after 15 normal weekday.
Census register of 3) other place needs to answer seat of registered permanent residence to deal with a passport.
3. Leave the country what does the round money of travel include commonly, what to include?
Answer: 1) the content that contains in quote has: Feed outside international airline ticket, condition, old, travel, swim, visa, responsibility of room of astral class hotel, tourist guide and service of the leader of a sports team, travel agent is safe, special give a project (with the contract the agreement is accurate) ;
2) do not include: Passport cost of production or urgent charge, the additional project paying fee that the airport joins outside fee of driver of the tourist guide outside construction duty, condition, condition, pay TV, phone, wash clothes, the individual shops, because natural disaster, traffic is delayed,the manpower such as block cannot defy the premium that element place causes.
Specific service content asks you to consult each circuitry detail.
4. Attend leave the country tourism group, can you break away from a group?
Answer: In principle does not allow. If you have urgent thing truly, can discuss with the leader of a sports team, but the passport must be handed in, still must fill at the same time pay fee leaving a group.
5. Attend group travel, is return trip airline ticket OK change the date?
Answer: Domestic group / leave the country the group all cannot be mixed with return a ticket change the date.
6. Does missing passport fill what to do a program to have?
Answer: Missing proof opens to believe toward police station of seat of registered permanent residence before 1) asks (content: Number of full name, missing reason, Id)
Before 2) holds a proof to believe please, toward discrepancy condition management is in bar to open in the newspaper recommendation of report the loss of sth
3) is headed for by recommendation and proof letter please " public security signs up for " acting company applies for in the newspaper report the loss of sth
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