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Lot of aviation electron passenger ticket turns it is difficult, difficult to us
Airline ticket of the paper quality since began to exit the market in October, replace by electronic passenger ticket. At present passenger ticket of sea boat electron occupies his the scale of all passenger ticket achieves 67% above, scale of electronic passenger ticket is 57% above. The reporter understands from dot of ticket of carry out of each airline ticket, these two days of passenger majority that order a ticket can accept electronic passenger ticket, also have individual guest nevertheless report is specific a few inconvenience exist in using.
Individual passenger does not know use computer
18 days midday, reporter in big talk beauty orchid airport sees, many passengers had been dealt with by electronic passenger ticket board the plane formalities. Nevertheless, although airport respect is on corresponding establishment,prepare sufficient, but the reporter sees in the spot, when still individual passenger uses electronic passenger ticket, feel do not wear north, in " self-help of electronic passenger ticket seizes the opportunity to register a service " before computer of offerred two feeling screen, a few passengers looked a long time to also do not know how to should do it.
The reporter discovers in interview, although electronic passenger ticket can be booked from the net, but quite the passenger of one part expresses, not familiar to the ticket is being ordered on the net, also have particular worry. Many passengers express, not be to trading on the net very be at ease, aux would rather choice cash reserve in a bank buys a ticket.
Consigning baggage still is convention
"Electronic passenger ticket simplified really the link among, have very big advantage, but the passenger to should consigning baggage, do not see a lot of more easily. " gentleman of Beijing passenger king says, deal with it is OK to board the plane self-help, but if contain big baggage, return so that queue up to consign, this extraordinary also take time.
Many passengers suggest, carry out electronic passenger ticket while, hope other form a complete set serves seasonable also follow-up, simplify thoroughly whole the formalities process that board the plane.
It is difficult that the lot turns relatively apparent
Compare with photograph of paper airline ticket, electronic passenger ticket returns the question with be faced with an autograph to turn difficult at present. The reporter discovers in interview, turn to the autograph the problem is a problem that the passenger cares relatively. Really, it is difficult that the lot turns to encountering the trouble that an irritated heart is for the client of airliner incur loss through delay. It is reported, because current airline ticket sells a system to lack relevant technology support, lot of electronic passenger ticket turns the trouble is compared when other airliner. What although turn,sign same airline is additional airliner, also want to produce sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket, this to a few passengers that did not ask for sheet of journey of electronic passenger ticket character, the likelihood should expend setbacks greatly.
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