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Eliminate travel exhaustion book of 6 big secret

How to eliminate viatic exhaustion

Journey holds quite effective to eliminating exhaustion fruit, the practice is as follows:

1. Cervical extend sitting position, both hands holds a head in the arms, inside two ancon buccal clip, fall forcibly a bit pressure make cervical proneness, next cervical forcibly as far as possible hind admire, do 8 times, every time dormant 1 to 2 seconds.

2. Sitting position of humeral ministry extend, 10 point to to be lifted on across, on face of the centre of the palm, next by arrive slow fast after exerting oneself to do sth. brace up 10.

3. The bosom carries extend sitting position on the back, before two arms bend ancon, make the same score lift contain a bosom to lower one's head, next two arms to extend of the parallel after side, look up hold out a bosom, do 10 times.

4. Sitting position of body side extend, insert a waist single-handed, another hand is lifted on brachial unbend, the upper part of the body a bit side is bent, the arm exerts oneself to do sth. to extend of side upper part 5, change other side to do next, every time dormant 1 to 2 seconds.

5. Sitting position of lumbar abdomen extend, two tactics holds a head in the arms, body proneness, after thing upper part of the body next, admire, exhibit outside ancon joint, as far as possible body unbend, maintain 3 to the second, slow fast do 5 times.

6. Sitting position of leg ministry extend, before bosom of park of double leg bend one's knees, next two legs at the same time unbend, tiptoe extension forward, do 10 times, every time dormant 1 to 2 seconds.

In addition, double road also is the nostrum that eliminates exhaustion. Right kind is must double, and should last 15 to 20 minutes, such ability balance cerebra of systemic muscle, help to move, achieve the goal that eliminates exhaustion then.

Wander prevent bubble having a foot

Go out travel, the happening of crural bubble is commonner, it can affect the great progress of travel, and processing is undeserved still can cause infection. The happening that prevents crural bubble must notice:

One. Footgear wants appropriate, shoe shoulds not be too big or too small, had better wear hand-me-down rubber overshoes or cloth shoe, female comrade is not worn follow strong base leather shoes high, insole wants level, the sock does not have damaged, without the ruffle, answer to keep clear of in time into sand inside the shoe, should maintain footgear dry.

2. Pedestrian visit should successive, first close hind far, the footstep wants even, be born wants firm, cannot speed.

3. Face the foot should be ironed with hot water before sleeping, circulate in order to promote local blood, apply a hand to massage to full control position.

If produce crural bubble, iron a foot with hot water above all 5 to 10 bells, use tincture of iodine or alcohol next local to crural bubble disinfection, the pinprick that reoccupy disinfects defeats crural bubble, make the liquid inside bubble is poured out of. Additionally avoid by all means is cut go bubble skin, affect in case.
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