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Selva is expeditionary and field existent brigade

Alarmingly dangerous, exciting, strange interest, shock, enchanted field lives

Magical, primitive, secretive, tranquil song, enchanting rain forest is expeditionary

Search hill of mother of ancestor explore deep and remote goosefoot

Goosefoot mother hill is formed for branch range of mountain of the five fingers, be located in in fining jade, altitude 1411 meters, year all air temperature 20.4 ℃ , divide great respect area, it is the main home of river of Na Du river, 10 thousand springs, Chang Huajiang, ancestor of the Li nationality before 3400 lives hereat, it is people of the Li nationality the bethel of sacred ancestor. Area one hundred and nine thousand three hundred mus intertropical country rain forest accumulate containing those who abound to use plant resource, , shed fontal flying waterfall, goosefoot full moon of Mu Shi resembling, tortoise... ornament meantime, can be raise did not know in boudoir person, song Sushi has a verse " Bai Yuzan of goosefoot ducking hilltop, character of since time immemorial fills Changjiang Delta " hill of mother of highly praise goosefoot.

Luo Shan of alarmingly dangerous condole is pedestrian pass through

A string of 1 Luo Shan is located in Hainan to visit southeast department, for branch range of mountain of the five fingers, top height above sea level is 1519 meters, silvan area 38 thousand hectare, year all air temperature is 24 ℃ . It is our country's valuable primitive selva division. The name origin of condole collect hill, have the fokelore of a deep and remote Yuan Meili. Rows of mountains of hill of bee of condole collect hill, species is rich, the sea has gibbon to grow hereat, arrange condole collect river and fall, ancient wood of Tan of flying waterfall brook, strange tree, scenery is peculiar, it is the superexcellent place of expeditionary activity.

Recreational brigade castle bay

Castle bay is located in prosperous river county western, the bay grows 20 kilometers, the scenery is beautiful and primitive, scene Yi Ni is romantic. Natural landscape: Caique stone, castle is large part of blue, bay, medium stone of pool of footmark of the horn, small part, stone that watch a fish, celestial being, avalokitesvara, blaze... the characteristic that castle bay desert changes, can let a person enjoy the fun of slippery sand to slippery battlefield, of course, sunset of small part view is superexcellent beautiful scenery more, pick a surname, carry stone of crab, collect...
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