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Big talk, Changsha line is small to 2 fold National Day privilege to give insula

Reporter today (22 days) from Na Hang Hainan branch learns, during this company rolls out the National Day, privilege gives insular passenger line, increased big talk and 3 inferior the airliner density that leaves a port to wait for heat travel course to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, among them big talk, Changsha line is small to 2 fold.

It is reported, every on September 25, 2008, on October 1 (seize the opportunity date) take Na Hang to leave a port from Hainan, and on October 2, 2008, 9 days (seize the opportunity date) the guest that takes Hainan of approach of Na Hang airliner all has substantially privilege, big talk to Changsha one-way, round-trip all is 2 fold, big talk, Shanghai is one-way reach round-trip to all be 3 fold, big talk, one-way, round-trip all is Guangzhou 3 fold, 3 inferior Changsha is one-way for 2 fold. Diverse line has different privilege, the passenger can be bought one-way or round-trip, need in advance to buy. Additional, begin from September 26, this company will be in 3 inferior, Guangzhou and 3 inferior, on Shanghai course by newest introduced airbus 321 type hold fly.

Author: Liu colourful Chen Chunyan

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