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Become a conduct a sightseeing tour again when the tourist first Hainan grooms b

One word discharges 15 travel bus, many 10 tourist guide holds maize bannerol to make a round trip accost is worn " tourist " ... today (21 days) in the morning 8:30, big talk can postpone a business, a dimensions is giant " travel is round " the journey that preparing to begin by a definite date two days.

This is a special tourism group, because the tourist that is sticking mark of green smiling face is united before those bosoms, also be a tourist guide actually. They are the member that just adopt the new tourist guide that tourist guide exam gains tourist guide competence this year, before formal mount guard, they should change a part, become visitor of two days first.

The tourist guide exam this year attracted 8225 examinee that come from each industry, among them 2182 gained tourist guide competence through the exam. "International travel island is built, the talent is crucial, and the spokesman that the tourist guide is Hainan travel figure, doing work of good tourist guide is a foundation also be a key. " province tourism bureau tells a reporter about chief, be based on this one consideration just about, it is to the theme is being developed before on guard of new tourist guide first this year " new tourist guide, new form, build international travel island in all " theory and groom on the spot.

In by a definite date theory of a day grooms in, senior tourist guide member serve standard, skill with respect to the tourist guide respectively, explain, the art that head a group undertook vivid explain. Two days groom on the spot approve cent undertake, by 31 senior tourist guides member guide new tourist guide to visit monkey island, the remotest corners of the earth, south the well-known view area such as hill, show the normative technical ability that head a group to new tourist guide in whole journey.

"As a new tourist guide, in from course of study at the beginning of establish a correct concept, figure and state of mind, can have very great help to the from course of study road henceforth. " the wave of sword of Cai of senior tourist guide that participates in this to groom says, hainan builds international travel island, raised taller requirement to the tourist guide, the hope is new old tourist guide can from strict him requirement, let more tourists return joyfully.

Xuan of Zhao of new tourist guide is Hainan Normal University big the student of 4, serve as a special tourist today, zhao Xuan more it is to hope to be able to learn the practical experience that heads a group to old tourist guide, he hopes the tourist can explain to understand Hainan better because of his, love Hainan.

It is reported, in two days in grooming on the spot, new tourist guides still will develop commonweal activity, if be in the remotest corners of the earth, inferior Long Wan collects rubbish, publicize environmental protection consciousness to the tourist. Province tourism bureau hopes to foster environmental protection consciousness of the tourist guide and social responsibility with this. Author: Yang Chunhong holds the post of Yi Jie
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