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Big talk antenna of " of arms expansion of " of a day of You Guoqing is outsprea

The big talk that moves nearly 3 years swims one day, will borrow opportunity of 11 golden weeks, undertake dilate, antenna outspread to north fining jade each city county. Big talk is rolled out during dividing National Day settleclear outside stepping line of a day of You Xin, the others circuitry also will spread out stage by stage after National Day.

Travel of big talk millions of people expands limited company 2006 big talk of open of the beginning of the year swims one day, big talk a lot of tourist attraction brings into the journey, had opened 5 line at present. Up to now, had welcomed a visitor nearly 30 thousand person-time, did not produce to complain, strong the travel destination image that promoted big talk.

Travel of north fining jade is the essential component in Hainan travel, but north of the flourishing austral the travel inside long-term island is weak, thing unbalance, mid and desolate, development is not harmonious. Although travel resource type is numerous, the travel resource of area of Dan Qiong north did not get reasonable configuration and effective conformity. Last year in November, collaboration of travel of area of Zhan Jiang of north fining jade organizes declare to hold water, the rise that to fine jade north travels created opportunity. First operation trade that the predestined relationship travel agent of Hainan sea and company of development of travel of big talk millions of people make collaboration organize, the tourism that promotes area of north fining jade actively cooperates. The Wang Hui of general manager of predestined relationship travel agent that occupies the sea introduces, the predestined relationship of the sea is right product of travel of area of north fining jade undertook survey. Bureau of tourism of city sufferring Dan invites participate in engineered Dan city week of service of the first travel, echo of citizen of big talk periphery signs up strongly in succession, make the travel product that city giving Dan lies fallow to be driven oneself smoothly. In the meantime, cooperate hand in hand in Zhan Jiang, north fining jade under, the predestined relationship of the sea organized 1000 people successfully several times to give insular travel special train.

Current, new line of travel of 5 north fining jade already was designed, jiang Wenchang, install surely, sea fining jade, settleclear stride, the tourist attraction of well-known view area of the county of city of north fining jade such as Dan city brings into the journey, include one day to swim, 2 days swim wait for circuit, among them big talk is settleclear striding a day to swim is namely among them. These new line will at 11 during after reaching the golden week, push in succession to the market. To boost new line of travel of north fining jade jointly, the predestined relationship of the sea and in advance of company of millions of people had thrown 200 thousand yuan, establish department of project of travel of north fining jade, from domestic travel market is reached to set out to the demand of recreational travel product inside the island, to fining jade the travel resource of boreal area undertakes whole pack, formulate runs favourable policy, begin travel project collaboration.
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