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Hainan of National Day golden week recieves ability ample housing is booked rate

Complete province housing is booked rate is top only 4 into the left and right sides

Be apart from National Day golden week to still have a week time, today, province holiday does begin to release holiday travel information. From each city county accommodation books a circumstance to look, complete province housing is booked rate is top only 40% , recieve ability very abundant. The airliner that Cong Meilan airport, phoenix airport flies to and other places of Beijing, Shanghai books a circumstance at present general, and airline ticket price has small to rise in National Day around.

Book a circumstance to look from the hotel, my province still has bigger recieve a space. Came on September 30 on October 3 4 days book rate is higher, among them 3 inferior, 10 thousand peace are booked rate is higher. 3 inferior book rate for 4 into the left and right sides, highest for 41.32%; 10 thousand peace are booked rate is top achieve He Qionghai of 35%; big talk to book rate all be in 2 into the left and right sides, guest room books big talk during National Day of only minority hotel rate amount to 4 into above. From the point of house price, room value is basic during big talk National Day do not rise, 3 inferior house price can have bigger go up, with before golden week case is similar.

Because came to was National Day holiday on October 5 on September 29 this year, the quote that swims south insular open waters so is with coming 30 days on September 28 highest, since October 2 only small rise in price. Beijing black force swam to 25 days of Hainan on September 17 quote is 3280 yuan, promoted 4680 yuan to 30 days on September 28, relatively rose at ordinary times 1400 yuan, and rise from October 2 fall after a rise goes to 3580 yuan, only than rising at ordinary times Hainan of force of nation of Shanghai of 300 yuan of; swims 2150 yuan are before quote National Day, rose to reach 3420 yuan to 2850 yuan to 30 days on September 28, highest rise extent exceeds 1000 yuan, 2560 yuan are since October 2, relatively rise only at ordinary times 400 yuan control; and black force Hainan swims in Guangzhou control for 1300 yuan before quote National Day, went up to to 30 days on September 28 1980 yuan.

It is reported, come day after day, I save each city county and relevant function branch to already began to begin travel safety to check in the round, travel is safe during ensuring a festival with all one's strength.

Travel restaurant opens a room to lead apparent prep above last year

Bureau of Hainan province statistic is newest data of issuance statistic of complete province travel makes clear, enter rat year, hainan tourism faces month of river look into the distance from a high place to get on a building again, outstanding performance opens a room to lead apparently tall past in travel restaurant year.

Statistical data shows, this year 1-8 month, the travel hotel that complete province includes travel statistic branch fixed count welcomes global visitor in all ten million and fifty-four thousand six hundred person-time, break through ten million person-time to close greatly in same period of time first, than last year the corresponding period grows 11.2% . The rate opening a room of these travel restaurant is amounted to on average 58.37% , than last year the corresponding period is 5.7 high percent.
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