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"Black case is compared " strengthen will affect Hainan weather badly for strong

This year the 14th typhoon " black case is compared " strengthen this afternoon for strong typhoon, will enter offing of Nanhai the eastpart part in the morning at arriving 23 days tonight, 24 days will land another name for Guangdong Province on the west, to 25 days I save ocean and land 23 days to will suffer severe harships weather, atmosphere expert suggests to answer about the branch as soon as possible has been done " black case is compared " defence intends the work. This is this afternoon the newest typhoon information that Hainan province observatory releases to media.

Show according to monitoring, typhoon " black case is compared " have intensity to strengthen fast, move fast fast characteristic. Nightly on September 19, "Black case is compared " in Philippine the eastpart part vast area is strengthened for tropical storm, number is 0814. Its are strengthened 20 days morning for strong tropical storm, strengthen again 21 days afternoon for the typhoon, continue to strengthen again this afternoon for strong typhoon. This afternoon 2 when, the center is located in north latitude 19.4 degrees, the east longitude 122.2 degrees, save Heng Chun in Taiwan namely city is southeastern on the face of complacently of northwest peace and tranquility of about 330 kilometers, the center is the largest wind- driven 14 class, wind speed amounts to 45 meters of every seconds, radius of limits of 7 class gale 400 kilometers, radius of limits of 10 class gale 120 kilometers.

Province observatory predicts, future inside a day, this typhoon center will with 20, the speed per hour of 25 kilometers slants northwest direction moves on the west, enter Nanhai to 23 days of mornings at 22 days of midnight the offing northeast, intensity continues to strengthen, serious effect I save sea area and land.

Atmosphere expert points out, 0814 typhoons " black case is compared " mobile method of future and 0809 when the first ten days of a month affected me to save in August strong tropical storm " boreal crown " similar. As " black case is compared " immigrant Nanhai offshore, 24 days will land another name for Guangdong Province on the west, this province ocean and land will suffer severe harships weather. The proposal is relevant branch should as soon as possible has been done " black case is compared " defence intends the work; The personnel of island of pass in and out, car should have settling time in time; The ship of maritime exercise and voyage should answer harbor in time to take shelter from the wind. Especially " black case is compared " will bring abundant water to this island, be helpful for reservoir store water, each district reservoir can use this process seasonable store water, at the same time the attention becomes the safety administration of good reservoir.

Marine respect, offshore wind-force can be amounted to the Nanhai since September 23 10, 12 class, upper bay offing and this island all around offshore wind-force will be increased gradually from Dong Xiangxi 8, 10 class, flatus 11 class, among them " black case is compared " the level of the offshore and wind- driven 13-14 around that the center passes.
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