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Gifted to do do do do fine old beauty - the development of cultural tourism i
Shine brightly, sparkling; boats cruising down the city walls shift; Boats, sultry night. This is the people in the historical and cultural city tour - Chen-yuan County, saw a beautiful night. In recent years, Zhenyuan County in the provincial government and state committee, the support of state government, established the "historical and cultural city in China to build the brand, take the cultural tourism Xingxian" the road to speed up the pace of tourism development . In the implementation of "cultural tourism Xingxian" initiative, the Chen-yuan established the "outstanding cultural, integrity protection, rational use of open, declared World Cultural Heritage" four-step phase of the chips, has introduced the "Chen-yuan Li History of City Conservation Plan "and the" Regulations on Protection of Historical and Cultural Cities Chen-yuan. " According to the city "to do the ancient, so refined, so gifted, so beautiful" idea, in the ancient city protection and development, the industrial enterprises and institutions, schools from Move out of the ancient city. At the same time, many illegal buildings all the 170 removed, the maximum extent possible to maintain a complete history of the ancient city Zhenyuan style. Nearly 3 years, put a million every year to protect the ancient city of development. So far, Zhenyuan Wuyang city has completed more than 600 households Pro Rui ancient houses, 12 ancient stage, 12 Old Wharf, 12 roadway to And the East Temple, Renshou Palace, Yu door archway many ancient buildings such as the repair of 350. "Wuling world first", "All Courtyard", "Liangbi famous," "Fu Courtyard" and 26 ancient houses have been good repair yard remediation . Meanwhile, the completion of a number of ancient streets, ancient river bank restoration, restored the construction of the folklore, war, civil construction of three museums. Adhere to the "government-led, market, business management, public investment in the" mode of operation of the cultural tourism industry, through the introduction of a series of preferential policies, and constantly improve tourism services, strengthen management measures, Effectively enhance the visibility of the county tourism. Today, the county has tourism companies, travel agencies, 352 restaurants, 87 residential inn, star residential hotel 12, greatly improving the city's tourism reception capacity, full Highlights the history and culture of ancient charm. Zhenyuan County now has the country's six-known travel brands: First, historical and cultural city in China - Chen-yuan; the second is the national cultural relics protection units - Dragon Cave; third is a national cultural relics protection units - Peace Village; Fourth National Scenic Area - Rui Wuyang; Fifth, the national agricultural tourism demonstration sites - Iron River; six Zhenyuan city in 2009 ranked fifth in the rankings, won the "China Top Ten most beautiful city" title. In 2000, the number of tourists Zhenyuan only 203,000 people, revenues from tourism was only 16.24 million yuan, by 2009, the county has reached 1.085 million tourists trips, revenues from tourism rose to 26,040 Million, an increase of 434.5% and 1500.4%. January to August this year alone the county to tourists 889,300 people, creating social benefits 218.3168 million yuan tourism. Chen-yuan has become a tourist Guizhou Eastern Pearl. Visitors from around the world, they praise the magic Dragon Cave, in favor of enchanting scenery Wuyang Rui; into the peaceful village can cherish the memory of the past history of war; wander in the ancient City residential lanes deep, stroll among the ancient wharf, will allow them to pick up the story of many dead. The beauty of Chen-yuan kept in purdah, has been recognized by more and more people. Chen-yuan County, according to the "Tourism Industry Development Plan", and her policy makers and builders still use three years, the Chen- yuan County, tourism development, to a newer level, that is: the end of 2012, all County, received visitors, revenues from tourism increased to 25% -30% annually over domestic and foreign tourists reached 200 million, the total tourism revenue reached 500 million yuan.
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