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Culture City Sanya island to help build the strategic choice of international t
Culture City, Sanya is a new historical starting point to a broader perspective, far higher level, more remarkable means of examining and combing the development of Sanya, shoulder the important mission of building an international tourist island of strategic choice and responsibility. With the rise in international tourism island of Hainan as the national strategy, Sanya, Hainan tourism as the vanguard of the development of open and once again face a major development opportunities. I believe: Culture City, Sanya is a new historical starting point to a broader perspective, far higher level, more remarkable means of examining and combing the development of Sanya, shoulder the important mission of building an international tourism island and responsibilities strategic choice. Sanya Culture City reflects the policy environment and awareness From the "Attention Economy" in practice to the integration of city marketing, tourism from culture to culture, travel Sanya change levy election from the city's calling card in the world to propose and implement "cultural Sanya" city strategy, to clearly put forward the "cultural establishment City, enhance the quality of the city ", Sanya municipal government to promote the idea of cultural development has become increasingly clear. Sanya, Hainan has three levels of the national policy environment in support of a good, strong culture of Sanya City, highlights the increasingly strong sense of expression. Embodiment of the national strategic awareness. The goal of building an international tourism island, the culture is the most guidance, influence and development potential of the part of the national cultural soft power strategy was to test an important indicator of success. The embodiment of international consciousness. In the global division of labor in Sanya full strength as a world class tourist destination. International, not only the construction standards of Sanya is also room for development. Reflect the sense of innovation. Sanya Hainan to strive to become the vanguard of an international tourism island, you must enter from tourism to culture, innovation and development model, the formation of a new growth pole of economic and social. Awareness of science reflected. Culture City is relying on the pursuit of human resources, based on low-carbon development, and seeking harmony with nature and sustainable development. Sanya Culture City Programme of Action and Strategic Choice In my opinion, Sanya Culture City shall determine the "six project" for the Programme of Action: a government, social organizations, enterprises management and operation of the three linkage system; a government-led bank support, the financing of listed companies involved in the professional platform; a combination of development planning, land supply, tax preferential policies to support security system; a number of various types of high-end talent and team culture and the arts; a cluster of cultural products; a standardized, orderly, and comprehensive services and cultural products market. This as a guide, Sanya can determine their own Culture City policy. CASINO essence. Treasure house of Chinese culture from absorbing a large, rich and build based on the Chinese, the world's horizon culture, phoenix culture, Fu culture. Cultural exchange in the world, brought market mechanisms, business models, innovation and the establishment of the formation mechanism of the cultural industry in Sanya and the development model. This is a strong culture of Sanya City, the source of the foundation and development. Grafted derivatives. Miss World finals in hand, and many other beautiful races, all to create beautiful; contractors and other internationally renowned European Tour golf tournament, an international sports capital; cooperation Haitian feast luxury development, the new Silk Road Model Contest, packaging and fashion capital, etc. . This should be a strong culture of Sanya City, the second stage of development, is currently the main mode of development. Self-innovation. In the accumulation of sufficient experience, knowledge and abilities, to be a breakthrough in self-innovation. For example, the possibility of cultural industry is on the top of the creative and cultural products with independent intellectual property rights system? Whether the planning and construction of hundreds of public or private museum, set collections, exhibitions, creative, market transactions in one, the museum is built in Sanya. This is a strong culture of Sanya City, the third stage, it should be the main target to work towards the next decade. Lead the trend. Based on those above, with two to three decades playing time will result in Sanya has extensive international fame career with the cultural influence on the cultural industry has a competitive city, and through a series of brand strength, as can be lead the development trend of the times the city. Sanya Culture City with the system envisaged in the framework of Culture City's architecture, cultural undertakings and cultural industries, including two parts, the culture is the foundation of cultural industries is the key. Building is the core of culture: cultural development in Sanya generous development planning; great culture of Sanya to invest in construction of infrastructure; great efforts to build a number of pilot projects, great boldness of vision to introduce a number of cultural elite and professional team. Focus on the development of cultural industry: efforts to increase the pillar industries such as tourism culture, improve their quality and quality; focus on promoting the activities of major sports events, the formation of beauty industry, fashion industry, leisure and sports industry, entertainment industry, creative industries and other new industry group; and so on. Culture City's system, including organizational system, financial system, personnel system and product system. Organizational system: the establishment of an authoritative decision-making bodies of government, leadership and culture building and raising system development of cultural industries; introduction and self-built a number of cultural and artistic institutions, both cultural and creative joint government in the city, but also to contact the market to promote cultural industries of; nurture, support and spawned a number of key cultural enterprises, investment and construction of a number of cultural pilot project. Financial system: an international tourism island of Hainan with the investment and financing policies, apply for setting up a government-led cultural industries development fund; the introduction of fund companies, listed companies involved in the integration of cultural resources, investment in the cultural industry projects; to implement the asset management of cultural resources to encourage and support local tourism enterprises listed on the strength and cross-cultural industry to the expansion of cultural industries in Sanya erected in the capital operation platform. Personnel systems: By setting up museums, art institutions, the introduction of a large number of creative talents; co-investment with Hollywood movies, the establishment of film base, support the construction of a private studio, attract a number of film stars, great directors, great writers, great producers people to work and life, amplification urban celebrity. Product System: With Shijie Finals, New Silk Road Model Contest and other activities that can be set up covering the beautiful fashion, sports and leisure, visual arts and other types of rich cultural and artistic products. Sanya Culture City and the ideal goal of Misunderstanding Strengthening the city of Sanya in the cultural strategy should be to prevent a few misunderstandings: Culture City is not on the tourism industry of a modern service industries weakened, but the increase; Culture City is not building an international tourist city of Sanya, the adjustment of objectives, and is perfect; Culture City is not a general law on the breach of urban development, but innovation; Culture City is not the impact on other industries, but the integration; Culture City is not the abandonment of traditional culture, but carry forward. Sanya should play the advantage created by several generations, the ambition to establish an international outlook, for a faster speed and shorter time to complete the Culture City of concept innovation, model innovation, standard innovation and value innovation. Concept Innovation. Productivity of the whole society is the concept of culture and consensus, to cultural productivity as the core competitiveness of Sanya, in the 21st century, national and global city competition. Model innovation. Establish a culture within the students motivation, efforts in economic development, social development, urban management more into the culture, to increase "cultural assignment" to achieve extraordinary Sanya, leap-forward development of the new development model. Standards of innovation. Raised the standard measure of international city, to innovate and reach that can play a leading role in the standards. Sanya, the future is to gather all kinds of cultural talents, there are numerous universities, museums, libraries, cultural organizations, cultural celebrities studio. The future of Sanya, a large international, branded sports events. Sanya, the future is based on modern service-oriented tourism, leisure and sports industry, fashion and entertainment industries flourished. Value of innovation. End of the World Cultural and Sanya Phoenix culture breeds special cultural genes. It is necessary to promote the cultural horizon, but also integration of traditional culture in Phoenix, historical, international, and then structure the system of Sanya City theme culture, innovation and implementation of new urban values.
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