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The two cities will jointly build a wine Ka pattern of large tourism Jiuqua
n 26 Information Office of the provincial government held a press conference said, "Twelve Five" during the Jiuquan and Jiayuguan to build two cities in the economy - the body of the same time, will use the Jiuquan space, and the Ka Feitian Yu Guan Great Wall and the Silk Road's unique culture, and jointly build Jiuquan, Jiayuguan Great travel pattern. Kang Jun introduction, wine Ka economy - integration has been put on the agenda of the two governments. 8 Drive to Jiayuguan Jiuquan two-way inter-city fast track will start construction in early l2 months after the completion of fast track, will cancel the collection of transit between cities Fee, to get through the traffic bottleneck between the two cities; road transport between the two cities open to each other to achieve trucks, taxi sharing for all kinds of factors of production flow; again, the policy will eliminate the barriers between the two cities, the land transfer, Market access, urban and rural employment and other aspects of the implementation of the same - policies to achieve the education, health, sharing of resources. Construction of new energy, and tourism development between the two cities will collaborate to achieve mutual complementarity. "Twelve Five" period, the two wine Ka City will use the Jiuquan space, Dunhuang and Jiayuguan Great Wall Flying and the Silk Road culture, to build a large travel pattern Ka wine.
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