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Ushered in the first years the county tourist train trip
Recently, thousands of years to usher in the county Shennong source area of the first years as a tourist destination tourist train trip - "Changsha tourist train", a total of from Changsha, Hunan, and the surrounding cities of more than 1,000 visitors. According to reports, these tourists take the "tourist train Changsha, Hunan Province", arrived Yingtan station, then take bus 32 years specifically to the county as a tourist destination, to attend the "China Kongmy town - years day Tour "events. Scenic years the main source of county Fairy Cave Shen bucket ring sites, underground cave house Shen Nong, the Netherlands, and Stone Creek Village and other attractions. Shen Nong's Palace which is a set of cave sites, underground river landscape as one of the slightly peculiar Manchester attractions, constant temperature inside the cave, the advantage of more seasons, Shilin Zeyi rocks, vegetation win, a masterpiece of gods of nature to adventure tourists Quzhiruowu. This year, thousands of years the county has increased the tourism infrastructure, which invested 87 million yuan, total length of 24.24 km through the territory of the tourist road, also built a rice culture of museums and visitor centers, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants.
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