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Hainan 3 inferior strategy of free travel tourism
3 inferior it is the town that China suits degree of false self-help to swim most. 3 inferior, it is a place that was mothered by nature. Nature the the the most delightful climate, freshest air, vernallest sunshine, most the the seawater of azure blue, downiest beach, most the seafood with the 10 thousand kinds minority, most delicate amorous feelings bestowed this Hainan island most Na Duan's seaside travels city.
Arrived 3 inferior, the sea place that is not here without the person uses a facial expression, stretch body and mind to the top of one's bent, explore marine world; Or is to lie on the beach to hear ocean wave voice silently, let sunshine kiss skin. The cate ” that “ big abdomen can hold look the world also is in 3 inferior got best response, give birth to cate of fierce seafood, gust, must not ashamed was opposite stomach.
The “ the world that there is famed China and foreign countries here ” of the first bay inferior Long Wan and big the East China Sea, 3 inferior the high grade seaside such as the bay, their common characteristic is Hai La smooth wind of Sha Bai, billow is small. Inferior Long Wan 3 green hill surround, sand whiteness is exquisite, briny visibility is amounted to 7 reach 9 meters, be 3 inferior the most high grade beach. Dadonghaisha makes the same score water to warm, it is famed winter swimming resort. 3 inferior the sunshine of the bay, seawater, beach was formed 3 inferior the intertropical scene of charming and gentle, the body and mind that can let a person gets the most sufficient loosen.
Eat in 3 inferior:
Taste boiler:
Be located in 3 inferior the west seaside of harbor, first floor is seafood free, 2 buildings are the dining-room that watch the sea, no matter sit upstair which position is OK general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine see 3 inferior the setting sun of the bay and seascape, OK in inn general view 3 inferior the setting sun with infinite and beautiful bay and seascape, what can taste this real estate with cheap and fine savor again is fresh raw ingredient seafood. Seafood basically is chaffy dish seafood have a way, also have other small fry and so on.
Traffic: Inferior here, ticket price is taken inside city 1 yuan, inferior Long Wan takes a car 5 yuan; The taxi is taken inside city 5 yuan can arrive.
Little town of immense forest of coco of big the East China Sea
With small endowment emotional appeal is famous little town of coconut immense forest, all sorts of limousine car that handle park from the doorway go out with respect to what can look, come to be some class have the person of seafood here. There is show of special performance dancing inside seafood city, invite visitor sampling delicate seafood while the song and dance that still can admire Hainan to have ethical distinguishing feature.
Traffic: Be located in on public house of town of big the East China Sea, by 2, 4 buses get off to station of urban public house, it is on. The taxi is taken inside city 5 - 7 yuan.
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