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Exceed tasty acerbity pink jerky

As a result of working cause, be in today 10 thousand peaceful pass the night, although the job is very tired, the person of the same trade's staff member refuses with my collect the cate of 10 thousand peace.

But I have very peculiar habit, be in different place, must the characteristic of cate place. The basis is various wire cable, be informed there is a “ opposite courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of 10 thousand cities ” of 10 thousand peaceful acerbity pink, very famous, then alone person was taking camera to go out. Do not want to drive, 3 rounds of motor that looked for a place to call “ elegant demeanour ” are headed for.

In the small shop that calls acid of “ green plum powdery ” in, the dim light of night is very late. But deadbeat is very much still. The very pallet shop front that faces a market, the feeling is a place that can good thing eats however.

Then, nodded a bowl of acerbity pink.

Burden is very rich, the jerk that among them I like, slices of fish meat, earthnut and caraway are waited a moment. Quite delicate, to me, what I like a place particularly is fastfood. Though dinner is rich seafood big food, but ” of acerbity pink of a bowl of “ opposite side, I or feeling are especially other and delicate!

What the acerbity pink in Hainan cate becames famous quite is ” of acerbity pink of “ hill water.

But the acerbity white that had 10 thousand peace, feel or prefer the acerbity pink of 10 thousand peace.

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