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In Hainan " eat " old father tea

Strong old father is sweet the big kettle with peculiar tea.

The old sign of inn of tea of old father of —— of inn of arcade-house, Western-style tea

With inland the tea inn of a few cities differs, “ is sweet tea ” is the leading role in Hainan tea inn. Customer of typical tea of Hainan this locality, do not like to nod the Dragon Well tea with higher quality to perhaps green jade too when tea is drunk in inn of old father tea the tea that snail spring and so on makes with tea bubble, what they like most is to contain sweet tea —— coffee, tea with milk, black tea, citric tea is waited a moment, the metropolis when pouring bubble black tea even sometimes adds on a few candy, and the habit of guest of these management content of tea inn, tea, the life of the returned overseas Chinese of the history with Hainan, Hainan, Hainan is consuetudinary having close connection.

20 centuries are earlier, big talk tears open city enlarge street, 56 will original meters wide flagging extend is a car street, go to original 45 roads extend many 30, build a city hall, and build to enter quotations politics at that time, the government attracts investment of return to one's native place of overseas Chinese capital, the overseas Chinese that comes back from southern Asia each country is in in succession Zhongshan road, senior bank road, triumphant sand build removed an arcade-house, the trade line of business of this one area also allegro development rises, shop of whole at that time town develops many 600 quickly, total volume of trade achieves a year of millions yuan, and most outstanding characteristic is overseas Chinese capital of latter-day to big talk city form had most crucial effect.

Overseas Chinese brought back capital not only, the habits and customs that also takes them nurturance in southeast Asia was taken. In lively arcade-house street edge, nature is little not the place of supply businessman and resident have a rest, a few Western-style tea inn begin to appear, and the relative that its operator is overseas Chinese more, the place of these inn is set in road of Zhongshan road, triumphant sand, humanitarian to be taken more.

A Wu Apo that lives in triumphant sand says, the Western-style tea inn before liberating is not ordinary common people can go in drink, the clerk inside wears a cheongsam more, very elegant, the service in tea inn is very considerate also, even still hot towel can brush a hand.

Old people is recollected, what manage in the tea inn at that time basically is coffee, black tea, milk, coffee grandma, black tea grandma, A Huatian and cocoa and various cake. Special tea division and mug-up division are set in inn, these masters are the returned overseas Chinese that southeast Asia takes more, they brought back the technical means that make, for instance coffee beans is by tea division is fried personally, tea also is by tea division people rush personally make, and also mug-up division makes sundry cake, it is good in the trail on the small market of the arcade-house that its fry the fragrance when making coffee far, in those days is the talented person with right income can enter these tea commonly chat inside inn drink tea.
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