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Taste goose of hot spring of sea fining jade, admire Hainan rural open interest

Speak of gules detachment of women, everybody can think of Hainan sea fining jade, the hot spring goose of sea fining jade is in domestic and international very famous, local already hot spring goose and Hainan one of 4 names dish fine accumulate duck to stand side by side the two big cate that are here.

Hot spring goose is the goose of this locality cross that coastal farmer feeds river of 10 thousand springs, field of Yo frame level comes loose raise, make a living in order to eat 100 grass, fatten phase is entered basket fill raise, with branny wait for coarse fodder to fill feed, have nutrition to abound, fat and not be bored with, delicate raw ingredient, Chunxiang's goluptious characteristic, goose blood contains rich protein and iron, calcic, zinc, copper to wait for more than kinds of 10 beneficial to human body microelement, feed more can improve function of human body immunity, prevent a disease.

The goose that these farmer homes raise, put in a suitable place to breed as a child on the beach that is by the side of river of 10 thousand springs, swim often in water of clear river of 10 thousand springs, answering that: “ goose, goose, goose, music Xiang Xiangtian song, green water of white hair float, red palm dials the poem of Qing Bo ” . These goose grow in the goose young grass of river side, weed with respect to * edible, and the broken rice in farmer home and turnip seedling are grown. Wait for feather to hand in * , farmer just can use cake of a medium rice, earthnut, sweet potato and rice bran to mix meticulously fill hello, authentic hot spring goose was become after many days 10.

Good edition of our country medicine " a book on Chinese medicine anew " and " copy wide proved recipe is made up newly " in, mention goose blood to be able to treat choke midriff gastric disorder causing nausea, namely and so on of current esophagus cancer, cancer of the stomach. Make “ goose blood now piece the procession that ” already joined anticarcinogen to taste. Feed a law to be given priority to with Bai Qie mostly.

The hot spring goose of sea fining jade is qualitative very fine, do not have the coarse feeling of goose completely, the “ wood ” that also enters the mouth without the feed goose duck that eats in the city feels, the flesh is very sweet very bright, dipping in the condiment that secret makes. Feed a law to be given priority to with Bai Qie mostly. Roadside of hot spring town is the restaurant that eats hot spring goose, 3, 5 people are controlled 100 yuan.

Have many coming the nonlocal tourist that Hainan swims also is Mu Ming samples to here the hot spring goose of Hainan sea fining jade, in place's very famous starfish goose butcher's not only can savour authentic Hainan rural open interest, also can taste the Hainan cate of savor green zoology.

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