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Hainan coco suckles curry Ke

Dish of gust of Hainan special local product. Ke, ” of Qu of Che of formal name “ , also call “ car canal ” . Be like a wheel because of grain of the ridge in a field on its back canal and renown, hainan common call his “ Ke ” , its shut housing flesh to work ” of “ Ke muscle is after making. Belong to animal of division of Qu of Che of marine mollusc door. Originate in Nanhai area, with on the west, The Nansha Islands produces the most negative great reputation. This dish is made up with coconut milk and curry oil and become, have local distinguishing feature alone.

With makings:

The Ke flesh that dip has sent (note) 5 grams, Xian Ye suckles oil of 300 grams, curry 50 grams (with 1 the juice of bright coco extrude) , bamboo shoot kind 100 grams, fine and soft of Jiang Mi, garlic each 5 grams, gourmet powder 10 grams, oyster sauce 15 grams, go up soup wine of 50 grams, carry on is 10 grams, unripe green 2, Jiang Pian 2, unboiled oil is 125 grams, crude powdery a few.


1, Jiang Pian, green Cheng Jiangcong water is boiled in putting clear water, the Ke flesh that has sent dip crosses ginger green water, abluent, cross oil in rolling oil again, give oily cent with a bamboo filter, the soup on reoccupy or bone (chicken, duck, pork all but) stew 20 minutes together, can divide the sea fishy smell of itself of clean Ke flesh, cut Ke flesh glyph of the whole day next piece stand-by, buy of tender tips of bamboo shoots boils glyph of the whole day also is cut after been iron in water piece stand-by.
2, boiler of fierce baked wheaten cake, fall oily, next makings heads explode sweet, enter Ke flesh, wine of tender tips of bamboo shoots, assist, issue oyster sauce, explode fry, join next on oil of grandma of soup, coco, curry fries divide evenly, wet unripe pink draws the person Gorgon euryale, fall end oil is become namely.


Ke flesh is fresh and tender, coconut grandma is sweet thick, coffee is sweet hot, bright slips goluptious, stimulate appetite. (note: Dry Ke flesh sends 12 hours in the dip in cold water, abluent, use clear water to boil about 4 hours to 焾 , again abluent, send good Ke meat for dip namely. )

(the data is offerred by association of Hainan province cooking)

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