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Pop chart of fruit of tropics of Hainan special local product
Pop chart of fruit of tropics of Hainan special local product - sort of Hainan tropics, semi-tropical fruit is various, quality is good. A little intertropical fruit is Hainan particular, a little semi-tropical fruit also appears on the market to come early two months than domestic other area, and watermelon is Chang Tian of the four seasons. Hainan island helps advance somebody's career and feral fruiter has 29 families, 53 are belonged to, more than 400 breed, go up for the world place of other fruit area is peculiar.

The fruiter breed that belongs to this island to be produced formerly among them has longan, litchi, banana, myrtle, chinquapin, olive, Yang Mei, acerbity beans, oily Gan Zi, wild fig. The variety that introduces from southern Asia archipelago and other place has fruit of Durian, popular feeling, cashew, oil pear, guava, sweet honey of Pu Tao, pineapple, mango, Shan Zhu, orange, Gong Maodan. These intertropical fruits and semi-tropical fruit have every year a certain quantity of sell as far as to global, you Yili branch, mango, pineapple and turn over seasonal watermelon famous. Because implement open favourable policy, agile market economy, in Hainan besides all sorts of fruits that can eat this real estate, still can taste the in season melon and fruit that savor world each district and whole nation save each all the year round. Show the fruit of tropics of special local product Hainan and semi-tropical fruit to be arranged as follows in detail, can taste one by one:

One of fruits of tropics of special local product - coco: Typical intertropical crop, also be one of plants of intertropical area scenery. Hainan coco spreads all over complete island, help advance somebody's career to already had 2000 above history, take littoral with southeast for many, county of its Chinese prosperous enjoys coco of “ article prosperous the beauty of half Hainan ” praise.
Of fruit of tropics of special local product - mango: The flesh is qualitative exquisite, smell is sweet, contain rich vitamin, have ” of king of “ intertropical fruit say.
Of fruit of tropics of special local product - pineapple: Weigh pineapple again, tendril of pineapple division fruit is belonged to, herb of monadlist leaf perennial, intertropical, semi-tropical fruit.
Of fruit of tropics of special local product - pineapple is sweet: Call jackfruit, tree pineapple again, a kind of intertropical Sang Ke of Hainan special local product constant green tree. Fructification 6~7 month is mature, gains is huge, most heft 40 kilograms, empress of the king of the fruit that be called, intertropical fruit, gains is huge, the person that weigh has 20 to come 25 kilogram.
Of fruit of tropics of special local product - litchi: Help advance somebody's career in Hainan island the history is long, basically distributing be in city of hill fining jade always promote, the many villages and towns such as Shi Shan.
Of fruit of tropics of special local product - banana: It is one of main fruits of Hainan, hainan island also is one of country of origin, cultivate a year to appear on the market as a result namely, southern area is faster, the 6-8 that grow a young plant month with respect to the result. Renown banana, water of main component Yu Ling, 3 inferior, Le Dong, Wen Chang, sea fining jade, 10 thousand peace, settleclear stride, face advanced.
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