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Dish of big talk this locality: Is chaffy dish mad also?

  is in the impression of a lot of tourist, what sample to big talk is 4 names dish, actually the 4 names dish of this Hainan is not this locality dish of big talk. From of old, hainan because stay alone abroad and those who cannot get a government is enough take seriously, in humanitarian development the respect lags behind than other harbour city, mirrorring in dietary culture respect is: Although products is rich, but cooking method is simple, and not classics is so called " maritime famous man " comment on, have him distinguishing feature without what form series " help dish originally " . And since building a province 1988 oneself, big talk of provincial capital city became an emigrant city, the characteristic food of countrywide each district is full of big talk, made there is the position of dish of big talk this locality in the eye of alien. Give everybody introduction this locality food of a few kinds of big talk here, if everybody has fun at might as well the food that the street strings together alley to experience have a distinctive flavour of these economic material benefit one time.
Bloat pink bloats face and meal of sirlon pig foot -- one of 3 eat
Civilian it is a day in order to feed, and this a day of 3 eat in feeding are Everyman more of first consideration. Of breakfast bloat pink bloats the face is seen everywhere in big talk, let me 100 thinking of what do not get its to solve is the why is by the side of the street flavour in the hotel good. Be in China the crossing of sea route, have one the home is monopolistic bloat pink bloats the small shop of the face, and supply only early in two, you can measure a choice according to your abdomen 3 - 5 yuan each breed, catch time, toward contact somebody station the people such as the move has. The meal of sirlon pig foot of lunch is justice dragon road is mixed on the west two that of the door business is particularly good, quite under, the fast dish of justice dragon road and the 藠 head of the door all is good meat on the west, of justice dragon road a bit sapidder. These food are very solid, eat on one times to also let person aftertaste in period of time. Once drank together with the friend once, justice dragon road reachs at car of late night drive after fuddle one's cap satisfy a craving for delicious food. Recommend a place: Road of dragon of big talk jade
Piscine Bao -- the Hainan dish that derives a lot of taste
The fresh water fish of Hainan is to sell what do not have price, and the fish that there is long beard again in these fish especially cheap, in 92 years when just sell 1 yuan or so a jin, the mainland call this kind of fish catfish, this kind of fish does adult fish Bao not to have local color one time by big talk practice, with taro stalk, bean curd, agaric, chrysanthemum, acerbity bamboo shoot... stew in a Bao, take out the fishy smell of dense of this kind of fish, when eating, just feel this kind of fish bone is little, the flesh is thick, fish eats to still can add vegetable cook again again, go with rice. The earliest it is in seaside new residential quarter eats, classics friend shows ability to know to in Bai Po is the most authentic later. Because of this kind of practice and this kind of fish special satisfy the need, the expert that has the mainland again then reforms his, derived all sorts of taste, among them of You Yichuan flavour suffer everybody to welcome most, this dish cries in Hainan " good (first) big Bao " , cry in Guangdong " pond cootie Bao " .
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