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The brigade of cate of day of the hole outside life of the emperor austral hill
Long Ju Sanya, what sunshine ocean wave and beach look is much, go to to extroversion of mid and a mountainous area division of picture of primitive mountain forest instead. 21 days wait with Great Master, small fish again 3 people accompany goes out row, planning originally is the celestial being An Shilin that goes protecting booth, because do not have special to fail,embark on a journey later, turn and chose backup route -- city of hill of the five fingers and the dragon hole that Nasheng presses down.
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  Na Sheng is a of suburbs of city of hill of the five fingers small town, from half hour left and right sides needs to be able to be amounted to only by the car inside city. Fare 2 yuan of 5 horn one person, petty gain arrives laugh. The dweller on the town is given priority to with goosefoot seedling brethren, folkway is honest. Town child not quite, we spent ten minutes of main artery that understood town center and fundamental condition only. The as it happens when arriving at a town to go up is midday at 11 o'clock, the ground of cluck of biological clock cluck in abdomen announces the correct time, reminding arrived the time of lunch. We resemble the gundog of a flock of pointed nose, searching for a few cafeteria of the know exactly about sth on the town, inquire about has the cate that does not have local characteristic. Friend of place of as it happens knows we come round to make a sightseeing tour, moved a class to come round to accompany designedly. She is brought up in Nasheng as a child, calculate if the holiday wraps changed local villain,going up is. Her participation lets us have the feeling of some of with might doubled very much, expect calm visit is sure results quite abundant.
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  friend recommended the dining-room of a characteristic on the town to us, in the chef inside inn show next calling fish of river of fermented glutinous rice, braise in soy sauce hill of tea of jerk of 5 feet pig, blast, fish, the five fingers is vituline the food and drink such as Ji Shanlan rice wine. Chef is swift-handed, do not spend the time of one crock boiled water, type of dish of of all kinds go up in succession desk, let us the deadbeat of these pepperbox feels is satisfactory very.
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The jerk of area of the bethel austral   is long of negative great reputation. Ox flesh is big thin cut, the air after joining the souse tasty such as salt cooking wine and sweet cogongrass juice basks in airing, unripe eat cooked food all but. The fleshy dry colour and lustre after scamper passes is golden, mouthfeel pliable but strong is solid, chew more become aware the ox is sweet more full-bodied. Only drawback is too dry a few harder, the person bite flesh to develop not quite such as my is forced to be satisfied with a smattering of a subject.

Fish of river of   fermented glutinous rice is lees of the rest after wine of the afterbirth that use multitude makes wine of polished glutinous rice, add the fish of river shrimp river that captures in Shan Xi, join many Jiang Pian and fragment of hill any of several hot spice plants to be boiled. The area in its flavour acid is hot, hot in answer delicacy, have kind of complex taste that appearance does not give. Shang Zhong advocate build of makings river fish is not big, thick grow to be like adult middle finger only, bone soft taste is little. This dish has according to legend the effectiveness of appetizing invigorate the circulation of blood, the goosefoot afterbirth that works to often be awaited in a mountainous area wet damp people place happy event is fed.
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