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Shrimp steamed bun is cliff city word. In cliff city word the very multi-purpose and farinaceous make it that feed capable person fastfood say for steamed bun. For instance: Person of city of the cliff when —— of young of white steamed bread crosses Yuanxiao is necessary fastfood; The New Year cake that we say —— of candy cake steamed bun normally, in cliff city, it is a kind of very special gift, from large the beginning of the year 2 to the first month of the lunar year 15, steamed bun of cake of the candy on belt of add of meeting land add answers the daughter that get married a married woman's parents' home pays a New Year call, these candy cake steamed bun can stop together with joss sticks and candles on altar, enjoy for the ancestor. Who is taken morer, the day that proves this daughter passes more prosperously, the ancestor is gladder also; —— of pig bowel steamed bun namely acerbity pink, normally the circumstance is summer afternoon, the people of in twos and threes sits in Lao of the idle below shade of a tree, card games. At that time, transmit aloof: Buy steamed bun hey …… (this cadence, word of the city that use cliff reads aloud it is OK to rise as off-street as those re-echo aves cry out “ grinds scissors, grind photograph of kitchen knife ……” to rival) , next the children of greediness can begin to pestering a grandma: Ah Ma, I should take pig bowel steamed bread!

What I say is a bit far, continue for shrimp steamed bun!

Roadside raises an oily boiler casually, a panada, a leek still has the small lake shrimp with fresh dishful, the small vendor's stand of steamed bun of shrimp of a blast with respect to figuration. Want one on fire only, otherwise half hour, of small vendor's stand all around can surround full the children of greediness, of each anxiously staring at the shrimp steamed bun that making sound in Zhi Zhi in boiler. Scamper shrimp steamed bread is very plain, shrimp steamed bun also very the reception that gets children, but ordinary other people is won't satisfy a craving for delicious food to give the child of steamed bun of designed blast shrimp, and still can check children buy shrimp steamed bun to the utmost. Not why, because shrimp steamed bun is scamper,come out merely. Exquisite and delicate cliff city person distains to consider a bit to this bit: See that oil, do not know scamper how much is answered, ate throat to want to ache. Throat aches was to take the following issue, and still have ate to just can have this kind of reaction later more very much, children are so complete to this kind of reason of adult ignore, have the place of shrimp steamed bun, surely one pile the child to be in round.

The shrimp steamed bun of cliff city, a kind of tailor-made container blast comes out those who use. The shrimp steamed bun that scamper comes out, it is a shorter cylinder, with before paragraph pizza of improved Chinese style resembles the sort of on small vendor's stand commonner one yuan side time street quite, a bit smaller than it nevertheless, sweeter than it also. Shrimp steamed bun is brown and brown, be in the still has a bright yellow that be gotten by scamper small lake shrimp intermediate, this shrimp is the elite place of shrimp steamed bun. Of leek sweet, the delicacy of shrimp, scamper fragile fragile panada, those who form is a kind of deadly allure. Never mention it dot, now and then also 9 men that be too fond of drink do not have good food go with wine, dismiss children come to those who go back buy on a few strings.
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