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The Hainan pink with rich variety kind

Ground rice kind small feed compare in Hainan general, and Hainan person seems to provide creativity extremely in respect of the ground rice that make. Although Hainan island is in China southern advocate the ground that the corner can calculate only in the district of length and breadth of land of rice yield rice, but of the breed of Hainan island ground rice, the abundance that feeds a law is distinctive, of taste cater to north and south, be like advanced row should be discharged in home. The color of Hainan ground rice, sweet, flavour wait compared with line of rice of Guilin ground rice, Yunnan, do not have the difference of one fine long hair, and go up to the adaptability of crowd of north and south in taste, seem to still win out to prepare.

Hold collect soup pink in the arms

The birthplace that holds collect soup pink in the arms holds Luo Zhen in the arms in Wenchang. Expensive in Shang Hao, shang Zhiqing is deep and remote, delicious tastily, sweet hemp is hot. Of powdery soup sweet it is a kind of distinctive Xian Tian, sweet and not be bored with, and sweet in the area in taking acerbity, sick at heart is hot, its flavour is wonderful.

Old times, the soup that holds collect pink in the arms basically is with bovine bone soup is given priority to make up and become. Now, absorb the soup on dish of another name for Guangdong Province to make a way, boil soup to be made with a variety of raw material, its flavour is more delicious than before much. Move noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch with this kind of Shang Chong, together with deserves to go up the burden such as bone of bamboo shoot of jerk, groundnut, a few, pickled Chinese cabbage, chili, spice, can cause strong appetite of the person.

One bowl holds collect pink in the arms, can give people the enjoyment of materially already, can make people eliminates exhaustion again. The people always that reason holds collect ruins in the arms to be taken appears on the market “ ” having white should make a joy.

Hill water acerbity pink

What in Hainan county of the water that save hill has a kind not to have local color is small feed acerbity pink of —— hill water. Its pink is round and long, the exterior is like ” of “ Guilin ground rice, “ Yunnan crosses ” of bridge rice line. It is “ bloats likewise powdery ” , but its bloat makings and above “ bloat what powdery ” differs is already sweet acerbity, be addicted to is hot person the “ that produces plus one spoon this locality is hot ” of medium thick chili sauce of any of several hot spice plants of hot ”——“ lantern, more sweet, acerbity, hot 3 flavour are provided complete, appetizing satisfy a craving!

The method of hill water acerbity pink that make is very exquisite, with expecting basically is ground rice, beef, sanded bug and piscine cake, spice is acerbity vinegar, chili and the sauce dew that mix air with unripe pink and become. The making process of ground rice is more complex, need course crocus, extruding, cross a few working procedure such as boiler, refrigeration. Beef and sanded bug want to carbonado through working after that deepfry, make its color golden, delicious is goluptious.
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