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Phreatic water:
Phreatic water is in recent years a popular with each passing day underwater lies fallow activity. It is exciting and be full of a challenge, it is not dangerous to do not pass (all sorts of athletic project risk factor, dive the platoon is in the 43rd, after be located in a football) . Dive motion can increase vital capacity, enhance sarcous power, enhance natant technical ability, harden oneself volition, exercise physique, have the effect that reduce weight even. 3 inferior maritime space is the world's accepted phreatic water resort, and Wu raises continent island is 3 inferior first-rate dive resort, briny visibility can amount to 25 meters, the marine resource of maritime space is saved all round most complete.
Float goes:
(ability of 8 meters of above carries out briny visibility these projects) wear a swimsuit, daiyi pays phreatic water lens, a breathing tube, move pay frog the shoe, float between blue sea, relaxed freely ground views secret marine world.
The bank goes:
Put on phreatic water to take, carry aerobic bottle on the back, wear phreatic water looking glass, the course grooms simply, below the company of diving coach, will become a marine emissary easily, go opening the window of the secret of marine world, with the fish in all dance. Dive of one boat first time can slip into the deepness of 4-12 rice, dive time is a hour every time (contain groom) .

The boat goes:
Go with the bank equipment is same, mosquito craft is taken to arrive after getting ready maritime ship vessel, enter water from the boat directly, after grooming, guide by the coach slip into deeper sea floor slowly, go to be compared with the bank, the marine picture that the boat goes is more attractive, all sorts of marine biology are more rich, slip into deepness to be controlled in 10-20 rice commonly.

Night goes:
The sea floor of night can rely on professional dive flashlight only how-to, what you will see is the marine world of true true be sure to, still can view and admire the marine animal that does not love days to come out, make a tourist deep-felt feel the marine world of this black head head. (suit to like expeditionary man commonly) .

High-quality goods dive:
Apply to professional dive personage only, but coach must company. (take facility oneself, this island offers aerobic bottle) person of 600 yuan of / .

Diving apparatus:
Shoe of adjusting gear of gas cylinder of lung of garment of face lens, breathing tube, dive, water, appearance, flotage, frog (the coach is special) .

Phreatic water needs to know:
1. The person of 12 years old of healthy in order, above can attend.
2. Can swim, the average per capita that won't swim can attend.
3. Bacchic hind cannot undertake phreatic water activity.
4. The person that has heart disease, asthma, hypertensive, tympanitis cannot undertake phreatic water activity.
5. The ten million when phreatic water does not use earplug.
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