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Big talk person likes to play " directional " : Xing Yun is stewed
Be in the entry point of 10 thousand green garden afternoon every Saturday, can collect one swarm person, they are not to ramble of 10 thousand green garden, will join directional campaign however. Regard “ Hainan as the ” of the first person of directional motion, deng Dinghai tells a reporter, according to Hainan statistic of association of relevant and directional motion, more and more citizens are seeking a kind of healthy urbanism way hard, attend to come in this motion.
Say popularly, directional motion is in namely a natural area, the place that sends a few people to be secured in a few ahead of schedule makes a label (nod namely) , the friend that plays an activity next a compass or every groups of Jiashangyi Zhang De pursues, set out go seeking these sites, after be being found entirely, return, use the shortest time, accurate, rapid complete directional exercise. According to statistic, big talk likes directional person, age general is ubiquitous 20-36 year old between.
Every arrive on the weekend, park of mountain of beach of the 10 thousand green garden that can a flock of lover gather in big talk, holiday, Taurus, Ding Cun and even ave lane play directional. Besides, the mountain range of 7 celestial being that protects booth and the place that have challenge sex individually, kept the track of directional lover.
Lover Xing De Ji expresses, he also is ability be attractioned by the friend plays directional. What feel everybody plays for the first time is the game of dot, so tired that drive sb. to his death; The feeling is to be defeated very miserably later, intercurrent oath want stage a come back; Feel to play very later again satisfy a craving, because be in the process,he enjoys the pleasure that got directional place is brought. Sun Ning is big the student of 2, firm matriculate, liked to go up directional, now is institute of Hainan normal school the chairman of directional motion association. He expresses, directional the wisdom that is a special health project, it is the motion that intelligence and physical strength pay equal attention to. Not only can able-bodied physique, still can foster a person to think independently, solve place to encounter difficult ability independently, and quick response is made below pressure in physical strength and intelligence, the ability of resolute decision. Now every month, he is met and one swarm friend goes outdoors to play a few times directional, harvested one pile friend accordingly. (King peony)

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