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" the flavour of Qing Bin Lang " first show of theme of movie of the Li national

Origin of stage photo picture: Hainan daily

Nanhai net on November 29 message: How be protected below globalization setting and inheritance minority culture, had made cosmopolitan task, attracted a lot of people to discuss, the film that the youth directs Han Mofeng to also use his " the flavour of Qing Bin Lang " the view that will explain deep to this topic, this dialogue the 70% films that are language of the Li nationality are me the film that province head ministry behaves people of contemporary the Li nationality to live.

Film advocate achieve go up in premiere

  " the flavour of Qing Bin Lang " hold premiere

On November 29, the motion picture that by Xiao Xiang film group and Hainan omit association of artist of film home TV to combine produce a film " the flavour of Qing Bin Lang " in big talk city Yin Long cinema holds premiere, the native land motion picture that I omit the first real significance to go up was showing an activity provincially to pull open prelusive, this also is large culture activity when my province promotes Hainan mainland culture. That evening, zhou Wenzhang of head of a department of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, propaganda attended premiere and watch the movie.

This are protecting booth county to switch on the mobile phone by Feburary oneself since filming, be saved the wide attention of social all circles all the time by me, department of Hainan province propaganda labels film me to save a newspaper to send countrywide “ the key work of ” of award of 5 one project. The movie with this far-reaching conception stands in the height of culture, put forward how to protect the cosmopolitan task with inheritance minority culture below globalization setting, face this deep topic, the person that create used “ to say this problem searched Li Yu ” a proper way that develops an old practice.

Leading role of male and female is in piece in modelling

  Film story clue is labyrinthian and moving

What film tells about is to be below spring tide of current market economy, how do 3 acting people go after family of a common the Li nationality happy story. The Beginning of Spring is pure and beautiful and the girl of the Li nationality that has definite idea, their family lives in the village of the Li nationality below foot of a hill of the five fingers forever, like person of numerous the Li nationality, their life is in everyday producing a few change. Wang Qinglin of elder sister's husband is a teacher of rustic elementary school, devote oneself to the transmission of culture of traditional the Li nationality, face culture of the Li nationality and convention consuetudinary the current situation that disappears increasingly, he is anxiety-ridden. The elder sister the Beginning of Autumn of the Beginning of Spring and Wang Qinglin marry 3 years, did not bear all the time, this let her bear very great pressure, what the bound comes out outside facing is alluring, the Beginning of Autumn and Wang Qinglin divorce and went inland.
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