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Wash Long Shuihe to bathe medicinal herbs Hainan person passes dragon boat festi
Although Hainan is an island, stay alone abroad, call the land that pretty smooths in ancient times, the culture nature of Central Plains will be a few weaker, nevertheless, annual dragon boat festival, hainan gets full of sound and color always however too.

In Hainan, dragon boat festival is the royal festival that is next to the Spring Festival, it is street edge begins to sell Zong the page first, sell calamus He Aicao next also slowly much rise, when the section, every family can be bought hang on doorcase, in an attempt to avoids unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease protects a body, the house also can diffuse accordingly the light faint scent of weed.

The origin of dragon boat festival and fokelore are very much, the fokelore that commemorates Qu Yuan in order to result from among them circulates the widest, masses is agreed with generally, it is the records division of Qu Yuan of later generations recall with deep emotion, just had the Zong now sweet wave excessive.

The zhongzi is including material of etc of the flesh, earthnut, yoke with rice, lap with Zong leaf again. And as a result of,the tradition of the zhongzi comes the piscine husband by the side of Gu Luo Jiang, throw rice the flood dragon dragon in river of Jiang Zhongping breath, hope they do not eat off Qu Yuan.

Hainan person crosses dragon boat festival, still having a serious content is to wash Long Shuihe to bathe medicinal herbs.

Wash Long Shui, this is afraid is Hainan what have local distinguishing feature most is old and consuetudinary. Hainan is seagirt, common people people cast to Qu Yuan river the desire that expressed happiness, always think Mr Qu Yuan is when dragon the god went, the adult that stand by a seaside or is river side people taking the child to be washed to the side of water wash " Long Shui " . Hainan person believes, through " Long Shui " the protection that washs the child of bath to be able to get dragon look, healthy not long hot sore heats up Fei, also can protect health of a year, smooth smooth An An.

Bathing medicinal herbs undertake at the same time with the water that wash dragon almost, a few inconvenience arrive seaside or it is the person that bathes by the side of the river, also prepared to boil herbal water together by 5 kinds of clear heat, antiphlogistic medicinal herbs early, the person in allowing the home bathes one by one, bath, these 5 kinds of medicinal herbs are grass of gallinaceous excrement cane, 100 days of red, Ai Cao, calamus, lantern commonly, it is OK to wash this kind of liquid medicine allegedly gymnastical powerful body. Washing liquid medicine is the patent of children, treat children of careless after washing, adult takes out package of a little cloth extremely earnestly, a cautious ground is opened, most in the powder that the layer is one gather yellow, that is realgar. Adult is carried carefully with finger on a few, wipe the between the eyebrows in children, double buccal and the centre of the palm, get on cloth layer alternate cautiously next, staying in order to need next year.
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