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Old Chu Sheng answers Hainan exhaustion on the weekend originally excessive need
Nanhai network reporter now from 3 inferior city learns about the branch, on August 4, old Chu Sheng will answer fast male champion home town 3 inferior, song confusing spreads out to meet inside two days subsequently acknowledge degree of relationship of explore of meeting, farm establishing ability a series of activities.

3 inferior chief of city style bureau tells a reporter, after quick male match ends, 3 inferior city is born in planning Chen Chu all the time 3 inferior activity, but the program arrangement as a result of him is quite compact, fail to define program finally all the time so. The desire that Chen Chu gives birth to him return to one's native place to acknowledge is very strong also, be in finally 3 inferior below the plan of municipal government of municipal Party committee and day amusement company and arrangement, will come back certainly on the weekend originally. The agent yellow gentleman that the reporter contacted Chen Chu to be born today, he confirmed this activity to the reporter.

Lay body condition to the Chen Chu that at present a lot of songs confuse attention, mr Huang tells a reporter, the old Hunan strange activity after gaining the championship is frequent, just came back from a gleam of of Anhui phoenix in relief fight a flood a few days ago, eve signs carry out in Beijing brand-new big plate " 13 " and attend love to meet meeting and auction are met, he flies again yesterday go to Shenzhen to make autograph carry out. So concentrated activity, add in rush to deal with an emergency of fight a flood not Mian endlessly 24 hours, at present because he is fatigue excessive and cause cracked, was left to go out to ban announcement by the hospital, two prohibit singing inside Zhou Zhi, and need rests well. Author: Yuan Zhongqian

Origin: Nanhai net - Hainan daily

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