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From make sauce to push-up

Network catchword:

The ” that I come out to buy soy becomes “ network catchword (graph)

Very yellow very violent ” becomes “ netizen catchword domain name is grabbed note

“ involves my × issue, I come out to do push-up! ”“ is doing push-up to go to Home Zhang the bound makes sauce. After ” afterwards “ hits soy ” , the network appears again new catchword —— does push-up. “ does push-up ” this one term erupts at blowout pattern was being shown on preexistence skyline community on July 1, in each big website appears later.

According to investigation, the earliest evil the card that gets “ to do push-up ” appeared on July 1 19 when 59 minutes, netizen “ sheds fragrant center advocate ” was published " eat a face to want to eat snow dish shredded meat, motion should do push-up! The body times club! " card, netizen in succession follow the lead of is evil do “ to do push-up ” . Blowout phenomenon appeared for a short while on skyline forum.

Yesterday morning, ” of Baidu “ push-up is stuck in begin to a lot of netizens talk about push-up, the evening before last 8 when have hundreds of cards only merely, to yesterday afternoon card number has been defeated 10 thousand, netizen statistic, 24 short hour, stick many lis the card of 47 pages. Netizens give originally the meaning that the “ of single note made push-up ” join deeper administrative levels. The netizen calls those netizen that does not leave “ push-up ” ” of “ push-up party. And a few days ago, also somebody established ” of “ push-up group on fabaceous valve website.

As a result of “ push-up ” leap up is suddenly red, the net swims in ” of world of “ demon animal also immediately appeared the task log of a push-up ” that is called “ river side. (Buckwheat of new wall bulletin)

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