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3 inferior the maritime and recreational activity that has temptation most
  3 inferior, it is city of travel of a seaside, it is an isle that lets a person easily fall in love with, sunshine, beach, ocean wave, make a beautiful scenery line, still have delightful air, everything has nothing to do with season it seems that, still be like the coconut tree with verdant graceful, natural hot spring and selva, still have that attractive marine world... speak of 3 inferior let a person remember the sunshine there, ocean wave, beach and coco are cultivated. 3 inferior sunshine is blazing, although winter also is warm; 3 inferior the sea is profusion, refractive is marine and gorgeous coral and fish, beach whiteness is exquisite, be like the girl's skin; Coco is cool and refreshing Gan Tian, refreshing.

Fishing, also call " go angling " one of athletic sports projects, point to line of use fishing rod, fishing, float child, ear pendant, angle the tool such as channel. Wait from sea of river river lake and reservoir, make with bait piscine entrance gets the means of fish. Fishing results from a kind of folk fish oldly method, in the cultural relic of The Neo-lithic Age that comes up out of land in China, have osseous fishhook. At that time, fishing is a kind of method that the mankind bilks in an attempt to to be born. Now is people activity of a kind of in leisure recreational, recreation, fitness. Fishing is a decorous, interesting, campaign that benefits edify sex chamfer and health of body and mind. Fishing activity with its peculiar taste, attracting broad fishing lover. And accompany follow a people life quality rise and of recreational time increase, the fishing that place of world each country appears is hot, will more and more rising. Fishing develops with respect to its current situation and future and character, already made a part the cross-country, mountain-climbing, expeditionary, collection integrated exercise that becomes travel sex greatly.

3 inferior phreatic water is in recent years a popular with each passing day underwater lies fallow activity. It is exciting and be full of a challenge, it is not dangerous to do not pass (all sorts of athletic project risk factor, dive the platoon is in the 43rd, after be located in a football) . Dive motion can increase vital capacity, enhance sarcous power, enhance natant technical ability, harden oneself volition, exercise physique, have the effect that reduce weight even. 3 inferior maritime space is the world's accepted phreatic water resort, marine resource keeps existence home most complete.

3 inferior the maritime and recreational activity that dives sightseeing is Hainan provides temptation most, human curiosity and exploration spirit got here perfect reflect.

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