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Set foot on Hainan to just know the remotest corners of the earth
Never think of really, I set foot on the land of Hainan so quickly.
The airlines flies in high in the clouds after 3 hours, descend in big talk at dusk time beauty orchid airport. 6:30, if be in Shanghai, early had been the dim light of night deep, a myriad twinkling lights of a city; And in big talk, the twilight of setting sun still what brandish asperses in big talk is street go up with the coco by the path. The people on the road is wearing a shirt is short sleeve T-shirt even, see the sweater that we wear, thick coat again, feel oneself are overstaffed really immediately. Had changed the dress to go in the street of big talk, air is warm warm, have the feeling of a kind of Chu Xia really.
Big talk is not city of a travel, but big talk has an extinct volcano. We are go afternoon of this volcano, set to watch the setting sun of the dusk. Tourist is not too much, hill is not quite tall also, but sit to those office of be used to and scanty at the person that take exercise for, should climb abruptly so multilayer step, also must not fall less breathless.
Besides middle school geography actually the class learned to nod the knowledge about extinct volcano, active volcano outside, I can say to volcano is utterly ignorant. Carry on fire hill, the no more than that emerges in brain is such as " Japan is sunken " , " the day is cracked dyingly " the film of and so on. And look in me, everythings on earth of all things on the world, motion is absolutely, still be opposite, alleged extinct volcano, also be nevertheless had not erupted inside relatively long time just, can not say it is “ dead ” . Hear when me we will eat instant-boiled mutton over crater so when, think in my heart: Fasten volcano to erupt give scald thin slices of meat in boiling water from height. But this kind of possibility is equal to the danger of 0 almost of course cannot conquer one explore is volcanic after all desire.
The light of crater is a little dim, in the large hole that we open at a Chaotian just like place oneself, looking up is one party sky, sunshine is bright, but cannot illuminate to the end of our located hole to come, hole end reachs from mouth of a cave on the hill body all around hang bustlingly full cane kind plant, branch numerous Xie Mao, very grand. Eruption is extremely fertile soil, perhaps be this fertile soil fed these flourish plants.
Get out from crater bottom, reach the peak. Local promotes papaya enthusiasticly to us, I had not eaten papaya, allegedly nutrition is very rich. Stem from the psychology that whats should try, I tasted a bit, have a kind of quite strange taste, take go up in the hand a little slimy. Stand in the summit, can see the sun is wanting gradually to fall. Hill in the sky issued the family's house to rise to wave in the wind smoke from kitchen chimneys, this is very beautiful there are a few other peoples on the Campagna of very static picture —— foot of a hill, smoke from kitchen chimneys waves soundlessly medicinal powder in sky, far the setting sun stays softly horizon, vicinity bulrush sways gently, was gotten on by plating of the setting sun an aureate halation. I await the sun to set silently, but as a result of the cause with too much cloud, final I saw the sun falls only the cloud.
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