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Azure 3 inferior, seek lost good time
Leave to begin busy work after the school, did not have the time that belongs to oneself, now and then stop, ask oneself “ what to I am doing, there still will be much further ” tomorrow, in the mirror very unfamiliar oneself, those are flighty, still have the familiar picture in memory, all happiness are nodding the precipitation of the dot along with years.

Busy oneself, had become the slave of the life, to live and rush about, forgot however, oneself heart, what is of need.
Rush about busily with every city, walk change scene, those who stay is the photograph of those different attitude only, oversight, oneself heart, in such rushing about, dim already and blank.

Give oneself a complete period of leave, perhaps, those happiness cannot search, only, extravagant hopes, give oneself heart, add multicolored color. Clear away baggage, begin itinerary, of a person 3 inferior.

Before the decision is itinerary, do sufficient homework, advisory friend, the inquiry on the net, found in Hainan place website more appropriate the net of Hainan self-help travel of our budget traveling, those are yearning long already view, all the time since because be to be away on official business,go other place, or conference group has recieve, after perhaps be being met, with a few him colleague goes to some of scene area, this is my travel concept. When seeking travel information, the ” of azure coast of “ of a name that discovered I like, azure it is the colour that I love truly, the coast is me is yearning, subliminal advertent, one can offer " of " travel chamberlain, ah, travel stewards, very new term, MSN communication, the phone is communicated, ” of chamberlain of travel of so called before “ is OK the requirement according to me, all travel that help me arrange good Hainan serve, need not follow a group, need not buy the entrance ticket of total value, need not oneself decide a hotel, all everything, give the chamberlain that belongs to you is done calm. Because like the name of ” of “ azure Hainan, decision attempt.

Chose to mix I am about the same the beautiful jade beautiful jade of age as me 3 inferior the chamberlain of brigade, set out 3 inferior, search lost happiness, set out!
Wearing outdoors motion confuse colour to take walk out of 3 inferior the airport, just gave the airport, a heat wave raids a face and come, the dancing that coconut cultivates, had released heavy heart. Beautiful jade of my travel chamberlain beautiful jade comes to the airport receive me, because all the time the exhaustion since, I do not have too much utterance. When seeing beautiful jade beautiful jade, just also laugh slightly, the tourism that beautiful jade beautiful jade sees in other place without me the enthusiasm from personnel of course of study, it is light only laughing to say “ hello, welcome to 3 inferior, I am ” of beautiful jade beautiful jade, very friendly feeling, asing if was to see long-unseen meeting family. What beautiful jade beautiful jade arranges to me is two days live 3 inferior bay, two days live inferior Long Wan's course.
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