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Eternal life is unforgettable 3 inferior brigade (inside have Ji of be economica

  thinks the place that go is very much, but 3 inferior in the range that always does not consider in me it seems that, the biggest reason is -- leave really too close, it is too easy also to want to appear. And, go the seaside has had N second, always feel, no more than in that way, when seeing the sea besides first time extremely excited besides, other a few, do not have too special impression, feel early morning is mixed only strolling in the seaside in the evening is very enjoyable, very loosen, very romantic thing, it is the good place of a beguilement.
This 3 inferior come very accidentally all right, with respect to a phone because of good friend X. She says she wants to go there year ago attend a meeting, end as it happens was on the weekend that day, because this wants to stay two days more in that, medicinal powder beguilement, but a person between a mark honest too wasteful, then I go to agitate. Because be pregnant, parturient, look after children, I had been in the home to cover tightly 2 years superabundant. The child is one year old ago, I never had left him night, up to now, the child a year old 7 months, I also am short distance has travelled twice only, live to come back late, and these two, if face archenemy,let husband, for fear that does adventitious in the evening, cannot serve this small ancestor. Accordingly, be about this 3 evening, unavoidable some are afraid. But did not think of, husband is this quite close of bright cardinal principles of righteousness, encourage me unexpectedly, then, struggle through a moral, I agreed.
Because stay 3 days only, add us to did not plan to go what travel tourist attraction, because too much homework was not done before this, leafed through a few travel notes at will only, carry a satchel on the back, quite relaxed with respect to start off.
X sets out from Beijing, early I had arrived two days, live in inferior triumphant Lai hotel of Long Wan, for can loiter lives one day big public house of 5 stars class, my specially sets out before today in conference end.
Although be alone start off, but because know someone,waiting in destination, accordingly, the feeling that a bit does not have perturbed (feel embarrassed, this girl comes home by train besides oneself besides, seem to had not tried to travel alone) . The seat of the plane is basic full, I sit in last, leave 2 positions only, a boy sits originally of in front of, see me this has two room, sit be on the side of me side.
Because wanting early to want get together to take a taxi inferior Long Wan, accordingly, I also consider what do not get what face, put up embarrassed actively to come with the person. Original, the boy is some 500 strong companies, it is the company is organized this 3 inferior attend a meeting, they have nearly 40 people all right. With stranger, especially the strong point that new man talk is me (who lets me grow horn of period bubble English in those days! Practice comes out) , this bit of small Case of course be nothing difficult. Chatting, I was like casual ground to ask sentence: Is there what will the car receive after you deplane? The answer is affirmative of course, then I very naturally says, where do you stay in then? Be inferior Long Wan? He begins is not very affirmatory, want, say, should yes. I say, that a little while can I take your car to go together? He did not hesitate almost, say, be no problem! Our company intention is very open, and the head also is a youth, should do not have a problem.
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