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Of the belle 3 inferior travel notes

The plane in the evening, begin uneasiness to rise afternoon, tell the truth know to be faced that momently, feel all these is very truthless. Can I go at one's own expenses how 3 inferior? Airline ticket of what also seeing, false really ah? Still remember last week of 4 in the evening, eva phones me to say to go together 3 inferior, the decision is such brash, bring about me to prepare even the thought of a bit to be done not have, everything comes too quickly too unexpected!
Reached the airport, small waited, car of drive of Eva, Janny arrives, 3 women are busy board the plane, busy plan next good journey of 3 days. Boarded a plane eventually, I just feel all these is true. At 18 o'clock, the plane takes off formally... sit for the first time lucky plane, plainspoken it is to hear of lucky aviation for the first time, the plane is smaller, empty a general term for young women is very beautiful, dinner also returns OK! Plainspoken nevertheless, feel by air for the first time resemble be in sit switchback, this air current but really fierce, strange nevertheless is, don't I have uneasiness how? Know-nothing of haing haing ~~~ is dauntless! !
At 22 o'clock, arrive 3 inferior the airport, found those who carry Cheng smoothly to receive aircraft personnel, very successful also arrival hotel. Because winter is travel busy season of place, we prepare more brashly again, if wish,can not order so happy event will ascend wait for hotel of 5 stars class. What we stay is 3 inferior the Jin Fenghuang hotel with coastal bay, hotel of class of this 4 stars is pretty good still! After 3 people do Check In, still have not enough time to arrange a thing, run quickly continuously 3 inferior the famousest seafood market. Chun Yuan, bright embellish, 168 it is the place's famous place that takes seafood, our the first station chose bright embellish. Pomfret of some of gallinaceous end shrimp, Bai Luo, sea was carried in inn doorway, with happy crab, 3 people actuate rose. We even a big fresh coco is drunk, that happiness! ! !
Should carry nevertheless carry Cheng to receive the driver of machine not thick to, cheat us to say at 11 o'clock Chun Yuan, bright embellish, 168 closed, the seafood shop that calls us to go up in hotel side eats (do not know he takes sales commission)
Wu raises continent island. Receiving the price that asked to carry Cheng when machine to want 198/ person, the bag is received send. We feel not be to one's profit, they have time definitive (seeming is 8: 30 go from the hotel, 14: 00 from the island) spell a car to sit with others even. We connected network of Hainan self-help travel finally, ordered go Wu pays person of continent island 138/ , include a car 160 (3 schoolgirls go out, rent a car safer) .
Early in the morning, 3 people rise early, breakfast ate in the hotel, have special (seeming is bell wood) person specially assigned for a task is received continent island is raised toward Wu before sending. Drive car after 40 minutes, we changed a boat to head for an island to go up again. Respecting that boat, I still am one's heart still fluttering with fear really, the ship is not large, can not hold 669 people only. Because take so small boat for the first time,perhaps be, it is to be in maritime! That boat bump is gotten... I can be dizzy be no good, the passengers on meantime boat often rise from all directions of cry in fear, flying car of absolutely comparative the sky is exciting still. Through maritime jolt of 15 minutes, we reach destination eventually, I and Eva are so dizzy that I and Eva changed even complexion. . .
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