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Play 3 inferior simple work slightly
 the first day: In October 3 big one small fly to from Shanghai 3 inferior, live in in the evening south room of seascape of Buddha of ceremony of Shan Yingbin house, by them the hotel is received machine, thinking of is car of the business affairs that fasten a gram actually, feel to feel very good at a draught.
The following day: Sent to avalokitesvara foot by car of hotel storage battery partly at 8 o'clock in the morning, ascend lotus, clasp Budda's feet-profess devotion only when in trouble. Did not think of Nanhai avalokitesvara arrives to had been not built good now actually, the family hall for worshipping Buddha below is building site actually, disappointed also! Guesthouse tourist guide suggests to be able to take temple of the hill austral amuse oneself of car of storage battery paying fee, because the weather is too hot, the family decides consistently or conference room rests. Arrived at 12 o'clock midday the have dinner of element fast hall of complete seascape, the flavour of dish gets mom admire substantially, but the value is little still expensive, nevertheless pretty is worth. The free car that took a public house at 2 o'clock afternoon goes to area of big the East China Sea, before after getting off, taking a taxi, go to inferior dragon bay gold is palmy. Inferior Long Wan's seawater is really beautiful, was that day probably the day is especially good, seawater is blue-black, two days did not see this kind of color later.
The 3rd day: Took at 10 o'clock 3 inferior continent island is raised toward Wu before renting a car, just swim on the island, nobody dives or play other entertainment item, the daughter joins go into business not dare, the master lets us wanted to leave an island at 2 o'clock, swim without annulus island so. The master lets send us to boundless blessing grand to shop after arriving below, take a taxi after thing of try to win sb's favor come home.
The 4th day: Be in in the morning inferior dragon bay beach swims, accompany a daughter to reply a public house next swim the pool swims. Built free regular bus to head for Na Tian at 4 o'clock in the evening, hubble-bubble hot spring. The daughter is right children swim the pool is very interested, played for a long time.
The 5th day: Had eaten breakfast and LG to taste tea cabinet to shop, returned a house at 12 o'clock. The old hall in Jin Zong Lv when sent partly at 2 o'clock machine go to the airport.
   This 3 inferior swimming proposal is:
1. If do not play item of the recreation on the water such as phreatic water, motorboat, light is natant word, feel to not was necessary to go Wu raises continent island, still be inferior to be in inferior Long Wan plays.
2. Him Tian Wenquan is not recommended south, feel the pond over there is not very clean, looking is a little muddy. And healthy person also cannot bubble for a long time, my bubble probably 15 minutes, after rising, feel some are uncomfortable. Small fish pool is fresh only just, wholesome state is actually indescribable, net of Hainan self-help travel books ¥ a 88 person.
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