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Hainan of Fei of belle pig pig drives travel notes oneself

Saying is travel notes, we are driving a few days, sleep, otherwise is taking interphone namely joking guffaw; Should discuss by the side of Bian Xu draw up kindle love, be unavoidable again the force that sensitivity gives blue adds a Blue more. Come back so long, produce so much thing, rot with mine again style of writing, this Blog still is written into running water Zhang to compare handy, ah.

Day 1? 30th Jua. (At the beginning of good year 2)

At ordinary times this is the day that goes to maternal aunt home reuniting, I went out early however, before two days from 11 over there moistureproof mat throws borrowed tent sleeping bag Xiaoma's car, feel dependable. We go out 25 minutes later than the plan, it is the successor because of Xiaoma not only come ahead of schedule without what agree by him carry on, oversleep instead was late.

This day is to hurry on with one's journey. Knowing is the mood bad or really very tired, I do not regain consciousness all the way, have a headache, did not come true " first 2 I leave one day " acceptance, let the Xiaoma that treated 24 hours of classes leave one day instead. I drove a hour only, still throw a head persistently, xiaoma was afraid of, also dare not force I, ah.

We are chased after madly all the way, through admire city the North sea, to mountain pass, satisfy brook, Xu Wen, they stop Fb when we hurry on with their journey all the time, eat a meal to set out in them eventually before long we caught greater part group, get an interphone, car number 15, listening to their Nanning mandarin all the way, I and rainbow rainbow laugh at the portion that bend over only, in the heart more dependable, ah.

But the first day we had not entered state, until arrived talent is real when the sea arranges team ferry with greater part team 0 distances are contacted.

Hainan oil is expensive, we add car full oil, discharged team of two hours. The leader of a sports team rushs to help our collective buy a ticket, I caught 3 pieces of 100 money and travel disease only, do not want to did not take enough money, not bad a gentleman of 6 cars borrowed me 100 (seeming is an one who tries not to offend anyone, pulled what the home takes a mouth to bring mother of old elders of a country or district to still have wife son) . It is a good person really! He must praise well when I want to write Blog at that time: )

Cross the sea aboard eventually next. A very old Zhou Runfa is being put to hold the post of gangdom film of Da Hua on the boat, faint. In the evening 8: 30 ability arrive at big talk, later than the plan 3 many hours.

Speed harbor when we saw new century big bridge, it is grand very!

Hainan traffic is very random, to find booked hotel, we have the experience that 3 cars turn around twice at the same time in double solid line, I am so excited that I cry satisfy a craving! : P
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