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3 inferior the mood of travel and strategy!

  is mixed to me today wife for it is a wedding day, from after marrying, do not have for ages so excited passed. Because wait,meet my general is taking wife to sit to fly to China jointly most Na Duan's city -- 3 inferior.
Think age is not small also originally passion was done not have early, good rest not easily a holiday return those who be inferior to conscientiously to be being waited for in the home, come out do sth over and over again what. But wife airline ticket early had been ordered! Alas, always threw Qian Baibai impossibly ~ does not have method ~ to go! such - we were set foot on " journey "
Punctual at 6 o'clock took off, LP is to make an aircraft for the first time, the feeling is afraid of a bit, grab my hand already nervous excited, she does not know I return excitement than her!
After 3 flights, we were set foot on eventually yearning with long 3 inferior! Pass 3 inferior the receives the master of machine to lift LP name that net of travel business affairs books in exit, the still one pair does not have stannum husband and wife that builds a car together. On the road we open car window, devouringly is breathing 3 inferior air, LP says: The taste that has the of great capacity! Because be in the evening, the scenery outside looks is not very clear.
Arrived hotel, put down baggage, LP says inside flavour having a place, but how am I also heard,arrive. LP says the 5 stars restaurant in following an imagination has difference, I say the standard that is not restaurant of every 5 stars is same, anyhow LP because this problem and my be difficult with sb. (here complements, 3 inferior the 5 stars hotel of partial hotel and Shanghai is difference having a place, after all Shanghai is give priority to with business affairs, what to decorate more luxurious, 3 inferior damper, the floor tile that so the room spreads, compare on the feeling simple. To now I still feel Yin Tai is the most well-advised choice! )
Hear the voice of ocean wave far, had begun in the heart excited, etc see blast blast when spoondrift attacks, feel the heart was widened suddenly at a draught, I am pulling the hand of LP to say: LP, the sea! LP is laughing happily.
Carrying slipper bare to wear the foot is going on the beach, far somebody is putting smoke and fire, did not become aware sleepily a bit. . .
Because spell the person Chi Yitian of the car to just arrive together with us, do not have arrangement the following day so, went to meet in the beach in the morning, the decision goes to the urban district rambling. The urban district does not have the place with amused what, near midday when, we decide or reply a public house, bask next afternoon.
Yin Tai's garden is very beautiful, the Russian on the beach is very much, ground of LP exert to one's utmost is besmearing prevent bask in frost, still keep leave me redundantly to digest, saying is resource conservation. The travel idea of foreigner and Chinese of our great majority is not quite same, they can lie on the beach to read a book all the day, or bending over to do sunbathe, what the Chinese likes is to trot along on horseback view is beautiful, perhaps saying is to do not have a foreigner to be able to waste time.
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