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Hainan is driven oneself swim how does be economical play

A lot of people think to drive the travel way that swimming is wealthy person oneself by accident all the time, but, pass the personal experience of I and friend after this second year, just understand to drive You Cai call true travel oneself so, and still can come according to oneself economic capacity reasonable consumption.
From next planes that is engraved, we a 5 people were attracted by the climate place of Hainan gentle, the left and right sides was in beauty orchid airport at 5 o'clock afternoon, the staff member of the net of Hainan self-help travel that we rent a car has waited early in exit, in chatting simply, he exhorts designedly we are driven oneself in Hainan swim the case that wants an attention, include to eat, live, all right, but he may not know, before we come, had travelled in Hainan self-help much data was examined on the net. Do sufficient homework, buy for instance " jewel of go on a journey " , buy solid food, the result that gets online to search and print You Haina slightly, seek advice from the friend that has been to Hainan to wait a moment. To experience this paragraph the record comes down, also be at the same time in the future of others itinerary provide a few reference, my general writes down the journey by date, in order to provide dinner for we see the reader the brand-new black before have sth in mind is fond of secretly in heart of Yi Lan spy Yue, because we can be to want where to can go to, the job full one year all medium pressure all gone suddenly, face the sky of this azure blue, face of sea wind stroke, do not carry have many satisfied.
Big talk the air temperature in the evening is not high, with Xi'an about the same, especially sea wind is quite big, we want to put on the coat of the belt. Make a bit rectify, it is temple of the five internal organs of this hold a memorial ceremony for when. In nimble Cheng the inn of soup of bone of a pig that we went to a country promoting a highway below the staff member's introduction, the likelihood is the reason because of hunger, feel the flavour of pig bone soup is sweet and delicious still have piscine Bao, want to return dribble now. Our decision goes to downtown turning after the meal, the way of big talk is good, but traffic order is average kind, some have cavalry among the road, but so short that can let a car be impassable only, and the pedestrian can traverse basically driveway. See have large shopping supermarket " big profit is sent " , we park the car in its underground to stop a garage, in all around go. We decide to look for a booth of books and newspaper to buy the atlas of piece of latest edition first. Do not know why, look for less than having to sell Hainan travel map in the bookshop of Xi'an, we still think Hainan tourism bureau did not issue a map. On a street we saw unexpectedly " not 2 bowls " cool tea shop, ah, hainan person also drinks cool tea oh. Ask merchant knows not to know where to have booth of books and newspaper, a guest says I take you to go unexpectedly on the side, anyway I also by the way. See what we see on antecedents " hospitable Hainan people welcomes you " catchphrase is not a lid really. The person here tells mandarin basically, but also tell a few we are understood not if. He asks we are tourists, we are laughing at an answer yes. Walked along 500 meters about, we just bought an atlas, was 2006 edition, than 2000 of edition much more detailed, above besides map of big talk city, still have 3 inferior urban map and 3 inferior distributinging graph of city travel resource, this ability is us most want. Because we will be about to visit the town with the most beautiful Hainan tomorrow, east is Hawaiian -- 3 inferior!
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