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3 inferior travel is prevented cheat read surely

Numerous recently netizen is in   post of the hair on the net is painful appeal to in 3 inferior travel is decieved, look my feel sad, tell everybody a few action are prevented cheat unique skill, to everybody asinine friend is drawn lessons from!
Swim in the light of self-help below medicinal powder the guest is prevented cheat.
Order a room to order airline ticket to prevent cheat -- travel people can book on the net, book on the net can ask to pay treasure, when 3 inferior enter a hotel to be in travel website pays, the big travel website of Hainan can be used pay treasure for instance Hainan self-help travels net. Net of Hainan self-help travel, can order the price of almost more favourable than the hotel half, but asinine friend is sure to ask to use pay treasure, before entering a public house, cannot affirm pay, lest be deceived. Won't use those who pay treasure, it is OK to seek advice to the net, person of bus of the net that clean out treasure is playing. It is OK also to order airline ticket such, book personnel to had confirmed pertinent information with travel website with respect to Ok! The book member that goes up when the net tells you the hotel has been booked, best oneself call to be checked downstage to the hotel, if the room that whether there are you to book in that period of time had, you can be at ease before infiltrate pay treasure, wait for a hotel, in pay travel website is the better place that net of Hainan self-help travel becomes this, OK! Of course, you also can look for a hotel be entered again, but that price slants almost expensive half, besides life ground is not familiar, the proposal has been booked on the net!

Travel tourist attraction is prevented cheat-------50 money take the taxi your amuse oneself a day, do you believe? ? Do not have an insatiable desire for petty gain, want to know, fat now fee rises, take you to play 50 fund one day, he expends even oil insufficient, the world does not have the pasty that fall down. The asinine friend that proposal self-help swims comes 3 inferior before, the data is collected on the net, had designed oneself tourism travel, to each tourist attractions probably the position, amuse oneself project, entrance ticket price has roughly understanding, be afraid that the labor is OK and direct really aspirant travel is examined or seek advice in net of Hainan self-help travel. Take trouble the free car that makes a tourist attraction with respect to oneself goes amuse oneself, picture ah Nuo is amounted to, these the tourist attraction with li of further urban district has free car to receive send, some closer tourist attraction has fair car to arrive directly, think the remotest corners of the earth, the deer turns round, inferior Long Wan has fair car to arrive directly. Most substantial is one day swims project, belong to medicinal powder the item that spells a group, present travel agent rolls out very much day to swim project, for example part of bright and beautiful female swims one day, ah Nuo amounts to a day to swim, south hill the remotest corners of the earth swims one day, the ass is friendly people in arrive 3 inferior before the relevant data that can value a day to swim, arrived 3 inferior, book a day to swim with the travel website that helps you book a room the project is OK, because be to come loose,spell conglomerate form, the price is relatively favourable also, 100-200 differs, include carriage return to expend, the first entrance ticket.
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