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Hainan self-help swims strategy

On January 11 fine
The train that took one evening arrived Zhan Jiang, breakfast still does not have there's still time to eat to answer the car that before going up, brings toward the sea. Hai Anzhen is the most difficult end of the mainland, the destination that passed to fine jade city channel is me, Hainan. What leave unexpectedly on the car is air conditioning, open air conditioning in the winter this or I experience Ye for the first time. Because of evening 10 minutes, a ferry, waited for a many hour in dock in vain. Describe sound of city fining jade so narrowly on geographical textbook, thinking that can overshoot, can not think of to spend a many my hour again.
Arrived big talk found the place that live very easily, big talk YH, inn is presbyterial Wang Zheng is sleeping to become aware greatly. He in pipe dream promises 20 yuan of my one evening. Ah, I am a student. After finding a place for, I run quickly to Five Figures of 5 fair ancestral temple instantly ' Tempie. As to that 5 fair who be, ha, forgot. Still be worthy trip nevertheless, I encountered fellow-townsman - one becomes a monk or nun the Guangxi person in Hainan, the autograph goes up in still smoking, adumbrative I will have this year lucky oh. Take an examination of attending good college is my the biggest target this year, other I not extravagant hopes what. Next I rambled again the old the city zone of big talk, the building of some of colonial times is over there, still be worth to swim quite. Returned YH to know Laoxie in the evening, one is having " complex " of setting it is Shanghai person. We go together sea pasture island eats seafood. Bake unripe bad news, but delicious. He abets to the utmost I take central line together with him, ascend hill of the five fingers.

Tip: To Zhan Jiang outside long-distance station when the car that the sea brings, can bargain goes to 30 yuan. To the meeting after how the sea gets off somebody carries you actively to arrive dock but should receive 2 yuan, do not get on their car, oneself went 3 minutes to arrive. Take out student's identification card to buy steamer ticket 20 yuan, not be the student is about 35 yuan.
Can live to big talk hind brigade of big talk youth is abandoned, it is near dock, communication is very easy. Old Home Wang Yi is very good to the student, 30 yuan of one evening.
The price level of big talk is opposite 3 inferior low, so Hainan enough other people had better be chosen in big talk, coco two-spot one. Recommend big profit to send a supermarket to buy special local product, the coco pink that can buy some of austral brand comes home.

On January 12 fine
One big early small Ai Yi the Hangzhou elder sister that works in big talk, taking I and Laoxie to cross N off-street, abduct bent inn of breakfast of a well known countless times to eat hold collect pink in the arms. This pink flavour is OK with us the Guilin ground rice of Guangxi was rivalled. I went to big profit sending a supermarket to buy solid food to prepare to climb mountain of the five fingers the following day with Laoxie after breakfast, our leave arrived afternoon Mao Yang countryside.
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