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Big the East China Sea and 3 inferior the bay is comparative

A of a lot of netizens general issue asks namely: Big the East China Sea and 3 inferior bay where is good, what distinction is there? Simple answer introduction is as follows below me, if which friend has different view, my general changes my answer.

1. Big the East China Sea and 3 inferior the bay is 3 inferior travel goes vacationing area, euqally good.

2. Big the East China Sea is in 3 inferior east side, the beach rises and fall, degree of curvature is bigger, be 3 inferior of the bay 1/3 long, the seaside is a hotel, it is a travel that shapes quite goes vacationing area, shopping centre is opposite concentration, lively. The hotel of the seaside has seascape of bay of Pearl River garden, Yin Tai, beautiful scene, bright phearl, Jin Ling to go vacationing village, Shan Haitian, the residence of the seaside has law court of lucky sea a person of extraordinary powers (the seat of seascape of front courtyard of south wind, a person of extraordinary powers) , blue Hai Haoyuan (sea flower goes vacationing apartment and La Hai go vacationing the seat of apartment) , bigger market is shopping square of front courtyard of summer general merchandise, a person of extraordinary powers, restaurant of the grand that larger meal store is booth love evening, rice, northeast king, northeast person, northwest, larger seafood store is east outskirt coco forest, square of square of square of seafood of big the East China Sea, the seafood that watch the sea, coral bank seafood. Big the East China Sea is apart from inferior Long Wan 21 kilometers, and 3 inferior inside city with 3 inferior the bridge is linked together. Bus of new nation line inferior Long Wan, big the East China Sea, 3 inferior the traffic issue of the bay was solved.

3. 3 inferior the bay is full-length 17.4 kilometers are long, the beach is gently, relatively quiet. International rises to pile up an artificial island east -- phoenix island, mountain villa of hot spring of 10 thousand suddenly comes on the west (get on for the remotest corners of the earth) , be sea a side leans inside city, the seaside pathway of the seaside is so-called ” of a covered corridor or walk of “ coco dream. A side that stands by 10 thousand suddenly calls sea slope development, at present 3 inferior a lot of a person of extraordinary powers are here curtilage, for example apartment of sunshine coast, Jia He is waited a moment, a lot of hotels also are here, for example center of Asia-Pacific international conference, Tian Fuyuan, 3 inferior Lin Tan of bay holiday, coco. Sea slope developing zone will be become in the development inside a few years 3 inferior a the biggest travel goes vacationing area. 3 inferior it is better that the bay stands by what a side inside city develops, relatively mature. More high-grade community is blue sea blue sky and orchid sea garden (cent period, 2 period) , blue sea blue sky and orchid sea garden of one wall lie between, village air, gardens afforest is better, this is a region that this locality and tourist like relatively, see the setting sun be here, a lot of tourists also like to riding two-men bicycle to admire beautiful scenery here. Hotel meal is centered, the hotel here one day your home of house of Ze Haiyun, celestial being, Jin Fenghuang, big gear of restaurant, seafood is everywhere (careful repast) , route of bus of new nation line before door of orchid sea garden.
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