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Accommodation is luxurious hotel note

1, concerned data fills in please when entering a public house, contrast by total stage Id, formalities is more, may time is longer, hope to grant to cooperate.

2, enter luxurious hotel to ask you to pay construction fee to the hotel directly. (Local restaurant place is receivable charge, ask by local government amount is handed in)

The fruit in ark is put on the ice inside 3, guest room, beverage, the wine water on bar stage, belong to a guest at one's own expenses drink, and collection serves cost, if want drinkable, after checking relevant price particularly carefully please, ability can be used, lest produce misunderstanding.

4, if be in hotel old hall or the long distance call is made in guest room, the long telephone bill that provides by guesthouse please and service fee are handed in.

5, valuable can put the small safe inside the room, or ask a tourist guide to accompany stock the safe inside old hall, do not put in disorder at will, lest produce unpleasant thing.

6, guesthouse is restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, be in hotel is old or public do not make a racket please, yawp companion, chat each other commonly should not hear outside 3 centimeter.

Night clothes of 7, dress, slipper, do not move back and forth in elevator please, public in.

Ask inside 8, room not dauby scratch, leave a message paper is put in " service guideline " in the notebook.

9, abide by strictly please " 7 not " formulary byelaw, ask the public smoking that prohibiting smoking.

10, cherish all sorts of article inside guesthouse please, such as tooth is provided, bath cap, can take commemoration day, the others is like clothes tree, cup to wait to must not take a guesthouse.

The 11, children that does not take bed, if need to add,the bed is mixed with breakfast, need to pay debt oneself by guesthouse standard, ask the child of parent keep an eye on that look after children, notice an environment, do not mix in old hall public inside optional Xi is happy, cry, run in disorder.

12, if self-help breakfast is used in guesthouse, ask him basis actual dosage have dinner, can take for many times, must not remnant is too much, create waste, do not give food area guesthouse.

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