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"Condom enters guest room " cause high-grade hotel allergy
Be in early on July 27, 2004, to prevent contagious disease (basically be aimed at AIDS) , hainan province fines jade center guesthouse becomes this to save a home to extend freely to the guest after the hotel of condom, ever caused intense echo in place. For this, the reporter undertakes to citizen of 123 big talk not nominative questionnaire is investigated. A: When if you enter guesthouse to discover to there is security inside guest room,be being covered, can be oneself used? "Meeting " person occupy 59.7% , "Won't " person occupy 35.4% , "Say to forbid " person 4.9% . B: If yourself need not, other visitor is used, can you understand this kind of act? "Understanding " person occupy 70.6% , "Bad to say " person occupy 23.5% , "Do not understand " person occupy 5.9% . C: You think guesthouse offers safety to cover this kind of action, can the sexual behavior outside abet marriage or a few improper sexual behavior? "The impact is not big " person occupy 47.1% , "Meeting " person occupy 29.4% , "Won't " person occupy 5.9% .
Wind storm rain, go two years all the way, about condom " free " the topic that enters hotel guest room, do not have all the time overblown over- . According to reporter investigation, although at present of the public place of entertainment such as the guesthouse of Hainan, hotel " extend rate " very tall (also have not little small bit class the hotel puts condom into guest room, but make clear " paid use " , every mark a price 3 yuan differ to 5 yuan) , but cause from this complain also let a lot of guesthouse, hotel feel helpless, especially 3 inferior inferior Gao Xing class of Long Wan goes vacationing hotel.
Foreign guest was frightened by the adult safety articles for use in the room jump
Mr Charlie that comes from Switzerland 3, be entered on July 26 3 inferior inferior Long Wan some seascape a gleam of goes vacationing of the hotel. Of happy person 3 inferior scene, quiet inferior Mr Rangchali experiences Long Wan beach to go vacationing truly those who lie fallow is satisfied. The reporter was in on August 2 inferior dragon bay beach sees Mr Charlie when, they are teaching child of 7 years old to swim in shallow sea area. Ask about when the reporter they are right 3 inferior imprint resemble be like when, they express, 3 inferior very beautiful, inferior Long Wan is very beautiful, south hill very beautiful, hotel is very comfortable, the is put on room ambry namely contraceptive that can a bit let them pay no attention to solution, and the booklet that introduces concerned precaution AIDS. The madam of Mr Charlie says, she is born to the service at that time raise question, 3 inferior is AIDS person very much? 3 inferior the provides sexual service multitude that has a lot of, all hotels put in the hotel to wait for a problem so, although the service is unripe it is very clear to explain, but she still cannot understand. Mr Charlie says: Go vacationing the hotel goes vacationing namely the guest's home, the person that believes any countries won't be in the sitting room in him home place " adult things " , " contraceptive " the article that waits for and so on. Mr Charlie still says, in them the country also takes a disease seriously to infect exceedingly, especially AIDS, but " condom " choose for guest random in the market that the things of and so on just puts in the hotel, supermarket, this kind lets what guest rigid chooses directly " adult things " very scarce really still.
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