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3 inferior bay. Big the East China Sea. Inferior Long Wan compares: ∷ ヂ aing k

3 inferior bay Long Wan compares Dadonghaiya
3 inferior does accommodation divide large area? ? 3 inferior bay, big the East China Sea, inferior Long Wan. Accommodation of this 3 large area has actor drawback each, do not have more very much had come 3 inferior the friend has choice of have no way

feeling, it is good that this 3 large areas choose that after all?
If say inferior Long Wan is a fairy that does not eat terrestrial cooked food, big the East China Sea is the gentlewoman of a natural and graceful, and 3 inferior the bay resembles is one contains more " lay gas

Breath " fishing home girl.

1, inferior Long Wan area

Inferior Long Wan goes vacationing for travel area, basically be 5 - the high-grade hotel of 4 stars, go vacationing with the triumphant Lai of 5 stars class the hotel is begin, appeared early or late day region goes vacationing hotel, holiday

Hotel, Tian Hong goes vacationing village, happy event will ascend go vacationing the hotel of high quality scales such as the hotel. Investment dimensions the triumphant Yue with higher level of bigger, design goes vacationing hotel, mangrove goes vacationing hotel, sweet

Case lira goes vacationing the hotel also will be thrown in succession use. These hotel styles each different, basically represented 3 inferior the top level of the hotel.

This area is by the government same program, examine and approve, distribution is so equitable, clean and neat, form a very old luxurious guesthouse division basically. There is a dweller inside this area

Classify, also cannot see local common people almost. Shop, have a meal to must be solved in guesthouse. If want the urban district, although go having bowl Hainan white, add carriage return to expend, probably

Want nearly 100 yuan.
2, area of big the East China Sea:

Be located in be apart from 3 inferior the bunny end of 8 kilometers mixes city urban district the deer turns round between two hilltop, surface is the beach of crescent moon form. Big the East China Sea is probably 3 inferior the ground with most hotel

Square, all sorts of class have, seascape is pretty good also. Big the East China Sea the base that nearby Yu Lin Wan is Nanhai fleet, meet the person that sees many naval attire.

Big the East China Sea is apart from 3 inferior although the urban district has a few kilometers only, passed 3 inferior the river arrives big the East China Sea, but arrived all thing prices turn over big the East China Sea time, because be brigade

Swim area, slaughter you to did not discuss so. Anyhow, want at any time and place scrupulous, must chop valence to undertake after all (actually whole 3 inferior it is area of a travel) . Big east

Although the prices of the sea is compared 3 inferior the urban district is tall, nevertheless He Yalong bay is compared still is petty gain is much.
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