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Inferior dragon bay hotel is compared

Before setting out, with respect to the commendation according to the friend, through Hainan self-help travel net reserved a place inferior day region public house of Long Wan, can not wait get on a plane to be informed of hotel repletion, the hotel of Jin Zong Lv that net of net of Hainan self-help travel chose to recommend in haste, because be of 4 stars class, price is 488 yuan, the feeling at that time is first put up with one evening, will change tomorrow good.

Left a plane, obtained the data of portion airport travel agent chronically. The day is already black, receive machine hall to sticking the annunciate with big magnify, roughly means must choose normal taxi and bus, the cough up in the heart is ascended, as expected, gave hall door, a flock of people were surrounded come up, same a word: Go, I send you. Will to the taxi expect a drop to the instruction that gives ring of encirclement to press the airport, remain a disorder, far the man bargain that seeing a gang person wears glasses round, lalaila goes to the person that person and baggage are differred, a cool air already arrived bosom, if,the feeling at that time is this manner by international friend was caught up with, be do not know Chinese national condition still do not know how to fear. I am nervous also, can be a lot of polices are maintaining order nearby, then I went up a platoon in foremost taxi, I can be not pushed what push violently goes by a gang person formerly. 3 inferior way is very bizarre, it is very new, but without the lamp, all the way of dark, ponder, if this pulls me wrong place sold, I also am to make be ineffective every day, then, I pay the mobile phone in the hand more closely. Cranky in, see a banner is waving only, whacker word- - inferior Long Wan, I come to hotel of Jin Zong Lv.

130 yuan of taxis are expended, the driver does not have pocket money, the edge received 10 yuan less, pretty good still, the province leaves the tip of door child. I come at the door above all to the good impression of hotel of Jin Zong Lv child, enthusiastic, eye quick worker is fast, very polite. Hotel old hall is very old, have rotate the Western-style food hall that stair upstairs can receive continuously also is cafeteria. What I order is room of standard lake scene, without the balcony, black whats lose sight of the day. The wine corridor that will be located in old hall a side is cleared away simply in the room, 20 yuan India swings cake to help my allay one's hunger, a bottle of beer happy force accompanies me to experience emotional appeal. One Philippine to coming from singer is singing a song, half hours rest half hours, arrived at 9 o'clock from in the evening at 11 o'clock, wine corridor is type of half open air, it is sea wind at the moment blowing coconut to cultivate, in the air a leaf that is coiled by wind falls on teapoy, had a few minutes of cool idea unexpectedly.
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