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3 inferior self-help travels
Come before Hainan, can be from tourist more very on the net search useful information, the problem that often mentions in seek advice according to the tourist did a summary, put forward a few settle way, release now come out to consult for everybody, also welcome everybody to offer compensatory opinion.

Hainan is having typical intertropical climate, grow Xia Modong, all the year round is wet, monsoon and dry season are apparent.

Arrived every year in May October is monsoon, among them 6 often still encounter a typhoon to October, traveler wants to notice; Come in other time Hainan can play very happily, be in especially cold winter, when other place cold wind rustles, here is the summer picture that sends positive light fawn on however. Before coming, the proposal sees the weather situation Http:// south one go into business to the following website


1, 3 inferior how does tourism travel arrange:

Referenced: 3 inferior travel standard journey and budget go for reasonable arrangement Cheng, the proposal looks more 3 inferior travel map.

3 inferior what the hotel of international standard satisfies you go vacationing demand, 3 annual, 6, september is Hainan is off-season, hotel price is relatively cheap, but if you choose 51, the travel busy season such as National Day, Spring Festival, new year's day comes Hainan, often the person is completely suffer from and the price is at ordinary times several times. The proposal goes vacationing those who contain self-help breakfast is book when the guest reserves a hotel, behind schedule eats can omit lunch, otherwise, only spot price wants expensive a lot of, if plane evening can apply for to extend the time that return a house with the hotel, nowhere can go to lest.

About the hotel book:

The hotel of the travel website of general Hainan books the price to want those who compare a few national big websites to book the price to be low, can choose Http:// of net of Hainan self-help travel, the reason is to some of travel agent grows bag room to sell a website in order to compare cheap price next in the hotel, but, such room asks to pay directly commonly website or go to the hotel after you arrive collection, for reliable for the purpose of, proposal and bigger website are booked. The house price of some websites is very low, but often be to attract you to attend travel and other spending, for instance we had encountered a tourist to come from Chongqing, live coconut forest beach is luxurious seascape, house price just 180 (we are booked want 330 yuan / ) , but guest plane is pulled by the driver the seafood that ate 500 yuan, frightened guest ever since a few days of convenient food that eat a supermarket to be bought in the room every day.

2, 3 inferior traffic:


Hainan has big talk beautiful Lan Hesan inferior phoenix two International Airports, lead to domestic and international course very much, to home each airliner of big city has every day almost. Under photograph comparing, the course of big talk is most, the price is quick also, occasionally airline ticket going there and back adds steamer ticket to return petty gain than train sleeper. Can fly to big talk above all, arrive by long-distance car again 3 inferior (big talk - 3 inferior fare 79 yuan, 20 minutes) and each are big inside the island tourist attraction.
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