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The forest of Hainan goes vacationing how many does the hotel have
The forest goes vacationing hotel Hainan is called on the world little some was not polluted a few pieces " Sukhavati " . Ecosystem is varied, give birth to content sort rich and colorful, complete island the four seasons is evergreen, everywhere all green, forest is enclothed lead more than 50 % . Very precious is, hainan has area of 5 old tropical virgin forest: Hill of mother of mountain of king of hill of hill of the five fingers, aiguille mountain, condole collect, dam, goosefoot, altitude all is in kilometre above, even if the summer, be like,be cool here spring. Current, the virgin forest area of hill of hill of the five fingers, aiguille mountain, condole collect all is built the forest goes vacationing hotel, the tourist can enjoy natural oxygen, or virgin forest of explore examine tropics or mountain-climbing view waterfall, or seaborne and expeditionary, or appreciation is precious rare tree is planted and animal of special local product, or amorous feelings of experience goosefoot seedling. This kind of hotel has: International of hill of the five fingers goes vacationing park of forest of country of hill of stockaded village, condole collect goes vacationing mountain of village, aiguille is away for the summer holidays mountain villa.

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